Tavia's Past Article----> Shine, Tavia, Shine! part 4

Part 4 (Why Not Miss Hong Kong???)
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Date: February 4, 2004
Source: TVB Weekly
Translated by: Hydie Cheung
From: TAVern (World of Tavia Yeung)

Too Shy for Miss Hong Kong

Many people knows Tavia has an elder sister named Griselda, who is also a new actress in TVB. The difference between the two is that the former started her career in the Acting Academy and the latter started in a beauty pageant. Why didn't Tavia join her sister as a Miss Hong Kong? There are three main reasons: too shy; bad shape; and bad deportment.

"You have to be confident and brave enough to go up on stage with a hand on your hip. I am not even comfortable with that pose. So how could I possibly be a Miss Hong Kong? I am only good at acting and memorizing lines! And the worst problem is that I have no deportment. There was once when I was trying to walk in a pair of high heels during a shot and I thought I would look pretty in them. And I ended up having a sprain in my ankle. I am a tomboy! I seldom dress in a tanktop. My shoulders are too wide, and they don't look good at all. My body shape is not too balanced. And my hips are too big too... That's why I am really proud of my sister. She was dressing in a bikini on stage! I have never seen her in that before!"


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