Tavia's Past Article----> Shine, Tavia, Shine! part 3

Part 3 (First Award??)
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Date: February 4, 2004
Source: TVB Weekly
Translated by: Hydie Cheung
From: TAVern (World of Tavia Yeung)

The Award, The Pressure
Receiving her first acting award in the 36th TVB Anniversary, Tavia does not become all conceited overnight. She takes the award as a compliment and a motivation that will push her into the next level.

"After receiving this award, I think I better work a lot harder to prove that I really deserve it. It might be a reward to my previous efforts, but I cannot stop improving at this point, or act like a big, haughty star yet. It is supposed to be a big motivation, to make me keep improving and work hard and take more challenges in the future. For example, I don't want to take as many active and happy roles as I did in the past. I want to try something different--maybe a villain or a handicap. I have more expectations in myself now, and more pressure too."

When talked about the rewarding day back in November 2003, Tavia was still pretty excited about the subject. She said excitedly, "After receiving the trophy, somebody had already grabbed me aside for an interview before I could take a good look on it. When I came home, I just gave it to my mom and headed into my room for a good sleep, because I had to hurry back to the Mainland for Twin of Brothers in the next morning. I didn't even celebrate when I came back from China two months later. My fans had already brought some champagne for me on that special day." Now Tavia has settled her lovely trophy in a beautiful glass cabinet at home. She still takes it out for a good look from time to time!


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