TARO's Collection xD

*guilt*.....I've been caught up with Tavia, that I forgot about Ron..*whack myself in the head* Well...I've always like Taro, but not from seeing them in the series, but actually by seeing their pictures xD Haha...all their pics together are so cute xD They look so compatible together!!!!

So here are the pictures collection of them, which I had found in previous year(s). (Since there are waaayyyy too many, I cropped them to stick them together. All of these photos were found while browsing through the Taro thread at Asianfanatics.)

After looking at these pictures, I began to love them, even though I haven't seen their pairing in The Academy. In series, they are just characters, but in these pictures, they showed their true personality.

Here's also a mv I found, which I thought was really cute xD (this is NOT made by me):


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