TVB Horizon's Clean-Up

HI guys! :hi:

Today is the start of my 5 day weekend :inlove: (wish I've waited for since school started :P ) I've noticed that there are too many categories in the catergories section, so I'm gonna be tidying them up. By visiting many other webs, most of them all have the about page and etc. So I'm also gonna be having one myself^^

Technically, I can't really explain what I'm doing but you guys will kinda find out later. I'm not doing anything with the layout though, cause.........html confuse me @_@

Plan of the Day
-Tvb's Horizon Clean-up
-Other pages (About...etc)
-Save all my 'important' files to mediafire
-Clearing my computer -----> there's sooo many stuff, and the memory space is going low
-Hmm....and prbably some other thing I'm still thinking about :/

Thanks :wave:


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