Random Wong He and Linda Pic.

Well, came across these pictures at Linda Chung's forum and thought of posting them here^^

"Awww..this pic looks really sweet xD Doesn't Linda look cute in here??!!!?"

" Haha!!! Wong He is wearing a wig xD Now he have the same hairstyle as Linda!!! ....LOLS...."

Pics Above Credits to: http://gelekchodhar.mysinablog.com/ , SIEW WAI at Linda Chung's Forum

---------------------Other pics (random search on goole^^)----------------------


"Hmmm, I guess these pics are taken while filming 'Across the Boundary of Exploration'?? Not quite sure. But I know the guy with the black hat is Raymond Wong!!! Haha, I didn't know he was in the series^^ which he IS... ..I began to like him after A Great Way to Care, so is looking forward to seeing him in here^^"

"Ok, I think that is Kingdom Yuen in the 1st pic in the pigtails??? Haha, she looks really funny there with Wong He xD And the 2nd pic looks cute too^^ I think Linda and Wong He are trying to make the puppy dog faces xD They are both cute!!!"

Pics Credits to their rightful owners.


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