Moses Chan has no fate to work with Nick Cheung

Yesterday Moses Chan shot a coffee brand advertisement. He appeared in several outfits to display different images such as the coffee master, seasoning professional etc. He stated that it was the first time he appeared as the spokesperson for this client. He is very satisfied with his earnings. Moses who loves drinking coffee, was informed beforehand that he would need to drink a large amount of coffee while shooting the advertisement. Yesterday morning he also made 3 to 5 cups of coffee at home.

The reporter asked if drinking too much coffee is bad for your health? Moses said "Anything that is too much is not good for you. If you drink too much you will have bad breath and have stomach pains. That's why you need to drink more water for a balance. But drinking relevant amounts of coffee is good for you. I would drink a little more than people normally do". While Moses was living in Australia he used to play pranks on his western friends who also love coffee. He said "They wanted to learn how to say [How are you?] in Cantonese. So I taught them to say [My breath smells] instead. In the end, they said that for a few years".

In addition, Moses will soon be starting to shoot new TVB series "The Ultimate Test of Conscience". He is required to lose over 10 pounds for his role. Originally he was supposed to work with Charmaine Sheh and Nick Cheung. However Nick will no longer be participating in this series, Moses feels quite disappointed. He said "I wanted to work with Nick for a while. It's a pity we cannot work together this time. Currently the script is being altered and we don't know who will replace Nick's role in the series".

Source: Takungpao
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Thoughts: Awww...I really wanted Moses to work with Nick T_T ...was also looking forward to Nick's return too. The trailer last year looked pretty good too, it's rare for TVB to do those kinds of series nowadays. Hmm, wondering who's going to be replacing Nick....


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