Bernice's Hobby (camera)

Bernice's Blog Entry:

My Hobby
Playing with one of my new cameras… as many know I love all sorts of cameras!! From lomos, to Nikon’s FM3, M8.2,to the Make-your-own-pinhole cameras,I like experimenting with different cameras.Kinda saving up for my next big investment camera… Canon 5D… wishing upon la shooting star!!

正在玩我其中一個新相機,很多人都知我喜歡不同類型的相機。由lomos到Nikon FM3、M8.2,甚至自製針孔相機,我喜歡試用不同的相機,現在都算是正在為我下一個「大投資」Canon50D儲錢……向流星許願吧!!

Thoughts: Wow...I never knew that Bernice like cameras o.O .....such a bad fan I am *sigh* Bernice's photography skills are good^^ I really love that picture she took of the building xD ...haha, she looks like a professional in the pic^^ Also like the way she write the entry^^ both english and chinese xD


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