No Good Either Way - Mr.Diu

Ok...I wrote out these paragraphs but now have to re-write it because my internet wanted to be stupid -.-

Anyways, I am actually pretty caught up with No Good Either Way. On episode 14 right now :) Before I write anything though, I would like to mention that I really miss Louis's feminine house tenant, Mr Diu played by the actor Anthony Ho.

His last scene is in episode 6.
Interpal fixed a broken oven and left it in the kitchen. Mr.Diu came in to cook something and...."KA BLAM!!" Explosion :P Poor Mr Diu was sent to the hospital. Big surprise?? Turns out that Mr Diu is actually straight and even have a wife! His wife is much older than him though...haha. Reason why he rented a room is because the couple were having a fight. His wife wanted to get botox injections, which he disagreed too because he believes in natural beauty.

LOLS It was so funny hearing Mr Diu change of tone. He stopped using his whiny voice and actually deepened it during this scene x) Quite surprise he actually have a wife....not to mention an older wife. lols their reason for the argument is also hilarious!!!!! Getting botox :P btw I'm on Mr Diu's side :0

So that was the end of it...little onscreen time, but definitely left an impression :) See Anthony's facebook:


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