Kingdom RPG Episode 1

Decided to write this while watching the episode :) Quite...interesting. I'm actually trying to improve my typing skills...haha not no great. Hmm..Anyways, I would usually write the character's name, but decided not too in these since it will be too hard. Especially because I'm not familiar with their names yet. So that's why I just write using the artistes name :)
We are first introduced into the series through the game. I personally quite like the animation. Kenneth is a gamer...who's everybody is rooting for to win the game. Haha seeing the time, he raced of in his bike...whistling to a hot girl and trying to outrun a sports car with his bike. Lols. Shows off as such a teenager....or in other words, an immature adult :P Ha Yu plays as his nagging father. Their family owns a cafe.

Kenneth then met up with his friends to talk about the game 3 Kingdoms...and how to pass the game. lols I had no idea what they were talking about. We also got to know Kenneth often plays as Chugot Leung in the game. People often uses warriors but he uses a counselor. Haha he then did this wrap song.

Cilia Kung plays as Kenneth's sister...and from the looks of it, she plays nerdy character. A guy walked in and they became quiet...he's Kenneth's brother? They don't talk :P Haha Ha Yu don't seem to like his son's love for video game. Kenneth then told him he want to run a business...a video game store. If I was his dad...I'd spit out blood. They then have an argument about it and Kenneth stormed to his room. Haha he then received some online messages from some girls. Kenneth is a flirt :P ....he simply replied with "me2" and agreed to break up with the other one. Then he was looking at through the girl's profile and added her hot friend instead of answering her friend request :P Is this what people do online...go through people profile pics and add the pretty looking people? :P Hmm....question, How old his Kenneth suppose to be in here?

Kenneth then went to some kind of convention (Conqueror of 3 Kingdoms) win 200 hundred thousand, where he was fangirling....over Christy, the G-Cup Goddess. he's here to play 3 Kingdoms...the four with the highest scores will go to the finals.

HE then appeared in a ancient soldier outfit. Haha turns out he's playing as a cameo in a series shooting. Lols he did not get along well with the producer...lols they then changed set and he was suppose to help with getting the equipment. Unfortunately he broke a lamp and got into another argument. I think this is the first time seeing Kenneth in such a hot-headed role?? He's usually quite nice and mature but not so much this time.

Kenneth and his friends then went to the mall and they spotted a couple making out in the photo booth. They secretly filmed them....turns out, the girl is his friend's girlfriend. Haha you can tell that did not go too well. In the end, the three of them just went for a drink and then heard a car making a big screech noise in the streets. Guess who? The G-cup Goddess and a random rich dude (the one that caused Kenneth to break the filming lamp). What did the guys decide to do? They went to the guy's car and spread glue everywhere. Surprisingly they found some drugs in his car...and left right away. The next day the guy got caught :P

Unlike the usual responsible big brother we usually see Kenneth in. This big bro doesn't seem responsible but rather lazy :P

Kenneth returns to the competition. One of the guys he's battling against is the one who cheated with his friend's girlfriend. Haha he was so focused and even became the video character, himself. But then he got stabbed in the back and lost the game :P That is quite upsetting....

The guy who got caught with the drugs was in a meeting with a bunch of lawyers...they're planning to blame the drugs on Kenneth. How...? He broke into his they're saying that the drugs were implanted in teh car by Kenneth and his friends. *sigh* such bad luck. Don't break into people's car...not a good idea :P Quite upsetting...both of Kenneth's friends were bailed out but KEnneth kept on waiting for his father...who came much later. Result? They got into another argument :P Ugh...father and son issues and Kenneth ended up sleeping at his friend's and refused to go home. Rebellious kid...

Kenneth were then again as his part time job. Lols the director were yelling at everyone for their lack of enthusiasm. Don't blame him though...all the actors looked like they didn't have enough sleep and then KEnneth stood in front of modern buildings when they were filming. OMG!!! Their weapons...teh tips that are suppose to be metal is actually some kind of plastic?!?! That is upsetting to know...

Kenneth then got a phone call from his dad saying that the police got enough evidence to sue him. That is not good...apparently both of his "buddies" ratted him out in order to get themselves of the hook. Great friends aren't they? :P Trying to get away from the police, he tried to find a spot o hide and ended up in a cave. Caves??? This is the first time I'm seeing this is a modern drama :P The clouds were thundering and grey...and when get got inside the cave, there was a shiny blue light...sucking him into some place.

Kenneth then landed on the mountain sides...standing onto of someone who's already trying to hang onto the rocks (about to fall down the mountains). HAha that was kinda funny. He then climbed up the mountain and rescued the guy up. Haha he then called Kenneth his benefactor. Kenneth asked him what agency (acting agency) he was from...but the guy seems like he didn't know that Kenneth was talking about. Lols Kenneth then walked off, trying to find out where he is with his gps. 2 guys in yellow then came out of nowhere. Kenneth laughed hysterically at them. Lols it's so funny when he made fun of them by imitating their attacking noise x)

Just when they were about to stab him, a man in a soldier suit came out and grabbed the two guys and killed them. While he did so...Kenneth was really confuse, because when you film killing're not suppose to stab the people right through their hearts :P He started to freak out....He then saw the armies fight. Lols his reaction? "Tell me it's photoshopped..." Finally, he found out the time he's in and it's during the Han dynasty. Kenneth have officially traveled back in time ;)

The first episode is alright. Nothing outstanding...because I was mainly looking forward to the time traveling, which only happened in the ending. Even though immature, I do like Kenneth's character so far....don't usually see KEnneth playing these roles. Some complain that he's too old for the role...I agree, but it does not affect me too much since I like watching Kenneth :)


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