Triumph in the Skies II

- 40 episodes long.
- The story will be a continuation of the first installment.
- There will be location filming in England, France, Qingdao, and Taiwan.
- Myolie Wu will play two characters: Zoe and a new character. Zoe has passed away. The new character is a technician who is not good at communicating with others; she will have a romantic storyline with Ron Ng, but he is slightly resistant to having a relationship with his 'sister-in-law'.
- Fala Chen will play a pilot; she will have a romantic storyline with Francis Ng and Julian Cheung. Francis has an attachment to his dead wife. Fala's ex-boyfriend also passed away, and she also has an attachment to her ex-boyfriend. Julian bears a resemblance to Fala's ex-boyfriend.
- Kenneth Ma will have a romantic storyline with Elena Kong.
- Nancy Wu and pilot Him Law will play a pair.
- Airport staff member Toby Leung and Stefan Wong will play a pair.
- Ron and Kenneth will be promoted to First Officer.

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Thoughts anybody? Lots of siu sangs and fadans. Big budget production. Interests? Eh. TO be honest, I don't really care for this anymore. Maybe my opinion will change later on...but as for now, no appeal whatsoever. (the only appeal from the sales presentation were truly the pairing between Nancy Wu and MC JIn along with Myolie and Raymond....but that kinda got ruined.) Eh..I guess you can count Francis and Chiliam too...but even they cannot make me interested with how I'm seeing the storyline right now. Just feel that the cast is way to packed and overcrowded.....suffocating.


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