Ol Supreme Overview

I started to watch Ol Supreme when I found the DVD's in the cupboard :P Didn't watch it before because it was a sitcom...did not have much faith in them. Since it's summer, which also means I don't have a life...I decided to start on it in hope for some entertainment. The results? Really enjoyed it ;)

So here is super quick review....

It was certainly entertaining in the beginning...with interesting sub stories. Unfortunately, the later half could not compare. My favourite part of the series? Levin and Music, acted respectively my Chapman To and Denise Ho. This is my second time seeing Chapman on tvb and first for Denise. Whenever they were onscreen together, they simply shined with their chemistry. Both characters were cute too. Even though Chapman was a little exaggerated...it was rather silly in a funny way and no where near annoying. It is especially funny to see the rest of the cast making fun of him. Denise as Music. Music is probably my favourite character on the show. She's so happy and bubbly but not in a defenseless way. Music is capable and a smart woman while being humourous and lively. Denise is so natural and brought Music to life. I want to see her more now....

My favourite sub-story is based on them, where they entered a contest as a fake couple in order to receive a free trip! Haha they always manage to make me laugh whenever they are together.

Then there is Liza Wang as the super awesome secretary, Queen. Unlike the other characters I've seen where she often becomes unreasonable and quite unlikable...Queen is something different. I found her to be quite lovable, showing a likable side while still shedding some faults. Her favorite line, "haha...sorry. I'm not usually like this." I love it when she says it because it meant that she did something crazy :P

Of course we can't forget the veteran, Cheung Kwok Keung as Susan (Queen's boss). This is one of the few times I've seen him in a comedy and wow...he made Susan one of the cutest guy on the show! He and Liza had amazing chemistry...and the way his character stood by her side was so sweet! Even though they may not be young....their love story reminded me of a cute puppy love, giving off that warm fuzzy feeling. Definitely one of the most capable veteran at tvb...only if he was more promoted.

Ron Ng as Siu Kei? This character stood out from Ron's previous roles. Shy and nerdy...he is such a cute guy! I love how addicted he is to buses! Can anyone love buses more than him?! He showed chemistry with Sire Ma (a newcomer at the time) and they played quite a sweet couple.

Koni Lui and Joel Chan? What series does not show off Koni's beautiful leg? Haha they started of quite cute and interesting...sadly, when I was all excited to see them start a relationship, both was very immature. Their story was rather annoying to watch...the typical mother in law vs. daughter in law with Joel's mother :/

The other side characters were also enjoyable to watch :) To be honest...I was quite surprise with the little cast members...since sitcoms tend to overfill with artistes :P It's a good thing though. I liked how they kept the small casting...which in the end created lively chemistry and a sweet onscreen family. What I like best is how different characters had their own distinct personalities.... distinguishing them apart from regular office workers.

If you have time and have not watch this yet, I'd recommend it...well at least for the first 40 or so episodes...50?


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