The Hippocratic Crush Episode 1

The episode starts of with Yu Chai (Tavia Yeung), a medical intern, eating breakfast and then going of to work. On her way to work (her first day working at a new hospital), she was caught in a traffic accident. A little kid (Lawrence Ng) got hit by a car but luckily a doctor, Cheung Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) was there to check him out. He wrapped the kid's arm with a shirt and used two bricks to hold the kid's head in place. The ambulance soon arrived to take over.

Yu Chai comes in time to see the kid getting admitted into the hospital. She saw that the kid's head was held by bricks...which she found interesting and decided to check the situation out.

The housemen (Him Law, Mandy Wong, etc) arrived at the hospital. There are six of them. They've been in medical school for 5 years and now they are training in the hospital. They are each assigned to different wards of the hospital, changing every 3 months. There are 4 wards, so they will be training for 1 year and will later decide later to professionalize in which they prefer (assuming that they pass of course). We get to know that Onion (Him Law) and Mei Suet (Mandy Wong) got assigned to neurology.

First introduced into the neurosurgery ward 4A. Yu Chai and another doctor met, along with Onion and Mei Suet entering. We then find out that Cheung Yat Kin is the Neurosurgery specialist trainee and he is responsible for the housemen training. He is very strict and rather blunt. He told the housemen that he expect them to do things wrong, but there is two that they can never get wrong. One, give the wrong medicine and two, give the wrong blood.  Even to his patients, Dr.Cheung is also very cool.

Dr.Cheung is very strict with his trainees. Their first given task were to take blood out of the patients. Mei Suet showed great skills with her first try, while Onion could barely take the blood without hurting the patient. He ended up getting scolded by Dr.Cheung.

Later when the Mei Suet and Onion were having lunch, we get to hear Onion complaining about his work. Yu Chai also found out that she and Onion were on a team back then during training.

-----At first, I saw people talking about Tavia's character only introduced herself through her nickname and how that was unprofessional. I did not notice it because I thought it was just a name (since I watched it in canto with eng sub). Now that I am watching it in viet dub though, I understand the situation now. It is indeed weird how she referred to a nickname like that during the first meeting. Nicknames like that are usually used when friends are least I feel that way. Translated from the viet dub it is, "Little Fish". O.o

This is the problem with watching series in eng subs, sometimes...I just don't get what is truly said. That's why I'm beginning to watch things in viet dub again. On the other hand, eng subs provide the medical terms in english that I do not know off, which is very useful.

When Yu Chai first found out that Dr.Cheung will be her supervisor, she did not seem to be happy. We shall find out later...?

Haha Mei Suet was so tensed. She kept jotting down notes.

On the other hand, Onion barely listened and seems somewhat distracted. He definitely have the ability since he passed medical school, but he does not seem to care much. I don't care with him not caring about his work, but I am irritated that he did not care for his patients. That's no difference from a teacher who teach but don't care about kids...I do not like that.-----

Dr.Cheung talked to another doctor about the situation of the kid who he saved before, ....., about his condition. He was worried about the kid and asked him to be given a CT scan and the kid was transferred to his ward. Onion was looking at the x-ray scans and said there was nothing wrong with the kid. That's when Dr.Cheung asked Yu Chai why they needed to take a ct scan as a test question. X-ray scans cannot clearly show if there may be blood clotting, that is why they needed ct scans. (Just a bit surprise with this scene....since I thought 5 years of medical school would tell Onion how a x-ray scan and ct scan is different.)

The neurology specialist, Dr.Chong (Ben Wong) then comes in to scold Dr.Cheung about taking in the kid due to their limited space capacity.

-----lols I love Kenneth's expression!! Him Law was so smiley and then they zoomed on into Kenneth's face, emotionless like a brick :P

Dr.Chong seems to be like the stricter version of Dr.Cheung :P And wow...Dr.Cheung first smiled for a kid. Haha he may be strict with his other patients but he's so sweet to the kids!! A family man! haha...

Him Law's expression after Dr.Cheung was scolded seems to say: "'s your turn to be scolded." Tavia expression seems to say: "You (Dr.Cheung) look at yourself too highly."-----

Yu Chai's father then visited the hospital! Turns out he's also a doctor, not just a simple doctor though, but a rather famous and well-known neurologist. He is not a public doctor though, but is running a private hospital of his own. Even more surprising, he's actually Dr.Cheung's mentor! Yu Chai did not look happy when he turned up though. He also said that when Dr.Cheung graduate from his specialist training, he plan to pull him over to his own hospital. He have high hopes for Dr.Cheung, while Yu Chai jsut thinks him as a bootlicker.

Afterwards, they found a small blood clot in the kid's head. Nobody really worries about it since they all think it should unclot soon. Dr.Cheung refused to let him go home though and insisted the kid to stay an extra day in the hospital. He then assigned Yu Chai to look after the kid and ordered her to check him every hour or so. When she went to talk to the kid, he told her he lost her medal and wanted to go find it. At that time, she suddenly had to go to check on an emergency.

Later at night, Yu Chai and Dr.Cheung were looking at the x-ray scans when they found out that they were all messed up. It was Onion who messed them up. He was carrying them when they dropped and since he was desperate to get off, he did not re-organize the scans and that is why they were messed up.

Yu Chai were then informed that the kid (one that lost his medal) went missing. She found him outside with his medal. He told her he really wanted to get out of the hospital because he have to participate in a singing competition.

So Yu Chai and Dr.Cheung stayed up all night long. Next morning, Onion came in with his swim suit (I don't know...just some kinda suit for a water sport). He apparently got off work early for the sport....and even boasted about it, which deserved another scolding from Dr.Cheung.

Yu Chai then gave the kid another ct scan in the morning and they saw no change in his brain. So in the end, she convinced Dr.Chong to let the kid go. Afterwards, she and Dr.Cheung got into an argument about it. She said that he is over worrying or rather over confident in himself because of his high grades. She also told him to start admitting that he can also be wrong.

-----This argument obviously showed Yu Chai's discontent towards Dr.Cheung. The good thing though, later when the others asked about the argument (the kind of work gossip goes...), she didn't say anything about it. I like this about her, she does not gossip.-----

At lunch time, Yu Chai received a phone call from the kid before he was going to perform. From the phone video, he dropped her marble and had issues picking it up. Yu Chai saw that and recognized there was something wrong. She then immediately phoned the parents to take the kid to the hospital and half way there, the kid became unconscious. Arriving at the hospital, he was taken to to the surgery room. During the whole thing, Yu Chai could only stood helplessly on the side.

At night time, Yu Chai and Yat Kin ran into each other at the dessert store. She then apologized to him about the situation before and asked him how he knew there was something wrong with the kid. Yat Kin then ordered a tofu dessert and asked her what is inside it. He explained that the human brain is like the dessert, how it is unpredictable (to guess what's inside) even with technology. Yu Chai then used a spoon to see what's inside, and found out it were raisins. Just when everything is going well, Yat Kin congrats her but then said that unfortunately the operation failed and the patient is dead. This refers to the mashed up dessert. He then told her that neurology is not an easy field, and that she may want to reconsider if she really wants to go into it or not. This made Yu Chai mad. She told him that she have always dream of becoming a specialist in neurology and she will be able to do it. Yu Chai also told Dr.Cheung that there's only one thing that she cannot learn, and that's his boot licking skills.

-----I do not like Yu Chai's bias to Dr.Cheung at work, but I do admire that she's someone who is willing to admit she's wrong. Same goes for Yat Kin. He took Yu CHai's scolding into consideration.

The dessert representation of the brain is also quite neat. I liked that!-----


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