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***Please Credit back if you use the screencaptures.  Thanks!
There are some series that I took alot of screencaptures for, while there are barely any for some :P  If any of the links don't work please tell me. Thanks :)
Random Series - Include: A Journey Called Life, A Great Way to Care, Aqua Heroes, Better Halves,Every Move You Make, Face to Fate, Gun Metal Grey, The Legendary 4 Aces, Under the Canopy of Love
7 Days in Life
A Change of Heart - Episode 1
A Great Way to Care 2
Beauty at War - MV
Bottled Passion
Bullet Brain (Themesong)
Can't Buy Me Love
Curse of the Royal Harem
Daddy Good Deeds
Friendly Fire - Episode 1
Friendly Fire - Episode 2
Friendly Fire - Episode 3
Ghetto Justice
Ghost Writer
Happy Ever After
Inbound troubles - Episode 1
Inbound Troubles - Episode 2
Inbound troubles - Episode 10
Links to Temptation
Lives of Omission
Missing You (themesong)
Missing You (ep1)
My Sister of an Eternal Flower
No Good Either Way
No Regrets
Only You
Perish in the Name of Love
Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
Relic of an Emissary
River of Wine
Rosy Business
Seasons of Love - Themesong, Summer (Him Law and Toby Leung)
Seasons of Love - Spring (Kate Tsui and Ron Ng)
Shades of Truth
Silver Chamber of Sorrows
The Condor Heroes 95
The Confidant
The Four
The Gentle Crackdown
The Gentle Crackdown (part 2)
The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
The Hippocratic Crush
The King Maker
The Last Steep Ascent
The Life and Times of a Sentinel
The Other Truth
The Rippling Blossom
Three Kingdoms RPG
Virtues of Harmony - Episode 30
Virtues of Harmony - Episode 31
Virtues of Harmony - Episode 45
Virtues of Harmony - Episode 53
Virtues of Harmony - Episode 70
When Heaven Burns
Wish and Switch
Witness Insecurity (MV)
Witness Insecurity - Episode 1
Witness Insecurity - Episode 2
Witness Insecurity - Episode 3
Witness Insecurity - Episode 4
Witness to a Prosecution 2
Yes Sir, Sorry Sir
You're Hired

Give Me One Minute to Say I Love You ft Raymond Lam & Eliza Sam
"Vaccination" by Linda Chung


miriamfanz said...

Which series is it for that big pic in the top right corner with (I think) Wong He and Chilam in armoury?

Lynne said...

@miriamfanz: That is Shades of Truth! Was a pretty good series :) Also, it's a series you can write historical posts on :D

miriamfanz said...

Oh, thanks! I don't think I watched that series before. Maybe if I have time, I'll watch some old series and write about that :) I love all your screencaps, they're so nice. I'll rmb this post if I ever need pics from old series!

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