Relic of An Emissary Official Screencaps

credits star.starphoto

Thoughts: First...I'm surprised that there are only around 3 pics of Kate D= Second....I really like all the girl's costume ;) Kate's and Elanne's costume looks average but I really like Macy's and Yoyo's costume (well...for Yoyo, mostly her hair). I love the ornaments on Macy's hair and as for Yoyo...her first picture (headshot) looks beautiful!! In ancient dramas, Yoyo usually plays the loud characters but in here, she looks so gentle and sweet =)

As for the guys......Sammul plays an eunch right??? If that's true...i'm upset cause I think he'll make such a sweet couple with Elanne!! I'm really looking forward to Joe Ma's character in here cause it looks good ;) Also...I did not know that Ruco was in here!! I hope he gets an evil role xD As for Joel Chan......his king's costume is horrible. it doesn't give of the vibe of an emperor....and when I looked at his headshot picture....the hat makes him look like an eunch much more than an emperor -.- Kinda annoys me......


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