Lovely Couples - Louis&Jessica DIF4


Ok, after talking awhile with Vivien@TVBElicit and hearing her many compliments on the pairing of LJ :P It grew to my curiosity to watch them in DIF4! I have to say.....she was right. LJ is so cute (not exactly the word to describe them but somewhat close). I'm only on ep.15 so there are gonna be more LJ posts coming later ;)

Jessica plays as a psychologist and Louis plays as a sergeant. Jessica and Louis started to develop feelings toward each other but Louis can't forget about his old love (Anne Heung).

In this scene, Jessica was held as a hostage!!! Louis took her place to be the hostage instead :) I found Louis to be so sweet in this scene!! Before he did that though, he went over to Jessica and told her "If you want to know the person I want to be with during the last minute of my life, don't give up." (My translation might be a little of...) Haha.....much better hearing him say it :P Hearing my translation just gives me the goosebumps somehow xD

I love this part xD This is the next part where Louis was free (from being the hostage) and everybody on the team and gave him a hug! (so sweet!) Then......Jessica was the last person to give him a hug! Haha, it was so sweet!!! They look so perfect together ;)

Cute yet sad during this scene. The cute thing --> Jessica asked Louis if her car isn't fix will he continue to drive her. It was so cute how Louis immediately stopped the car! Sadly, he still can't forget his old love (Anne Heung) and continues to hide his feelings toward Jessica :(

I really can't wait for more of their scenes!! So far beside the detectives stories, they are the most enjoyable to see xD On a side note, I don't really like the love triangle between Sunny, Charmaine or Lee San San. I like Lee San San's character though^^ but not really Charmaine's :/


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