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THE FIVE FLAVOUR OF LIFE - Roger Kwok, Esther Kwan, Michelle Yim, Lawrence Ng Wai Kwok, Derek Kok, Oscar Leung, Vivien Yeo, Mimi Lo, Elena Kong, Regen Cheung

Hmm: Hands down, I am really looking forward to this xD Esther's return and also with Roger, Michelle and Derek in it xD Haha, can't' wait for it :D

THE PUNCHING WOMAN - Liu Xuan, John Chiang, Heung Zhuo, Lo Lok Lam, Eric Li

Hmm: O.O Really no interest yet

HERE COMES THE PRINCESS - Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Louis Yuen

Hmm: Yay! Haha, I can't wait for this comedie xD I like the cast so please keep them T_T Wish they don't change xD Haha, I want Kenneth and Linda to pair up xD Would make a refreshing couple xD Also Raymond with Fala^^

Somehow the series reminds me of the old series with Bobby and Esther in it. I think it was called 'Taming of the Princess". Charmaine as the princess xD

COPS - Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Jessica Hsuan, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Kenny Wong, Stephen Huynh

Hmm: The return of Felix Wong. Haha, last time I saw him in Legend of the Condor Heroes^^ Michael was also in there with him, so basically this is a reunion between the 2 of them after more than 20 yrs. Looking forward to this, Felix is evil too O.O

ROSY BUSINESS 2 - Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Elliot Yue, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Pierre Ngo, Nancy Wu, Susan Tse, Ben Wong, Kara Hui, Lee Sing Cheung, Kwok Fung, Helen Ma

Hmm: After the success of RB, I am really looking forward to RB 2 xD Hopefully it won't be like what happens to other sequels though :/ Or else I'll be so depress =_=; I am not worry about the acting of the class beacuse I like all of them :D Mainly, I'm just worried about the storyline. The storyline is something that could seriously kill the series off x_x

Looking at 'some' tiny parts of the preview, I think Sheren's gonna be playing a greedy woman this time :/ Haha, it would be cool if she did. For Wayne, I always think he'll shine in whatever role he's in. For example, even though in his previous years in tvb, he's all supporting but sometimes he even outshine the main leads^^ Haha, can't wait for it :D

THE DETECTIVE OF READING HEART - Bowie Lam, Bosco Wong, Crystal Tin, Aimee Chan, Selena Li, Vivien Yeo

Hmm: One thing that made me mad =_=* Why is Selena not on the poster but Aimee is????? It's so unfair to her!!! I don't mean to be mean to Aimee fans though (sorry).

This series reminds me of 'Love Exchange'. Haha, I love the themesong of that series sooooooo much lols, but haven't seen that series though ^^;

THE SECRET OF AUTUMN - Liza Wang, Christine Ng, Joe Ma, Shirley Yeung, Sammul Chan

Hmm: Really no comment on tis series since I have no idea what it's about.

LOU LAN, SI LAM, CHUI KA WUI - Fala Chen, Maggie Siu, Natalie Tong, Steven Ma, Patrick Tang

THE SEPARATION OF SEVEN DAYS RELATIONSHIP - Bobby Au Yeung, Bowie Lam, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Sonija Kwok, Sammul Chan, Crystal Tin, Evergreen Mak

Hmm: Haha, I was happy about hearing this series xD I thought that Bobby had no series, but when I saw his name, I was so happy *tears* BUT where is he?? It's kinda weird I think but I'll just have to wait till the series to come out to see :/

THE LEGEND OF PU SONGLING - Steven Ma, Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Elliot Yue, Rebecca Chan, Lau Dan, Charmaine Li, Eric Li, Ruco Chan

Hmm: GAH!! I just found this really, really, really, cute picture of Linda and Steven in the rain for this series :D Haha, they were holding a leaf to cover their head xD I'm gonna post it up later :D As previously stated many times, I CAN"T WAIT FOR THIS SERIES :D *happiness*

FORENSIC HEROES 3 - Kevin Cheng, Raymond Cho, Edwin Siu, Timmy Hung, Chris Lai, Mandy Cho, Leanne Li, Vivien Yeo, Macy Chan, Him Law

Hmm: I don't know why they even made a third sequel. Honestly without the 'team' (Bobby, Yoyo, Frankie, Linda) it's not the same again. Only person I like is Raymond :/ *sigh* If tvb actually do it, I wish they'd either............1- Put back the original cast or 2-Just change the name so it won't relate to Forensic Heroes. Since this is only the presentation, I'm really hope the 'others' will join later.

THE KUNG FU MASTER - Bosco Wong, Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Sunny Chan, Lau Siu Ming, Chan Hung Lit

Hmm: Hmmm, I'm not so sure about this series :/ O.O I just notice SUNNY's in the series o.O

GROWING THROUGH LIFE - Damian Lau, Cecilia Yip, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Toby Leung, Dominic Lam, Lisa Lui, Zhao Ji Kei, Song Man Fei

Hmm: Haha, in this series there's Bosco as an evil guy :D And Ray is also in here xD It's just that I don't know the other cast (mainland) to well :/ Definitely reminds me of the Drive of Life xD Mainland and Damian xD

REUNION - Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Derek Kok, Toby Leung, Him Law, Benz Hui

Hmm: No comment yet since no idea on the story. Just happy Ron, Derek, Benz and Roger's in there xD I don't mind Kate that much after seeing A Great Way to Care^^ Haha basically, I don't hate anyone but I'm much more bias to the ones I like :P

THE LEGEND OF YING LONG - Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung, Chung King Fai, Michelle Yim

Hmm: Ok, this series doesn't really interest me beside the fact that there's Tavia and Michelle in it^^ The series with Chung King Fai are usually family series, so I'm wondering if this is one too o.O
The thing I really want to know about is what it's about. The title says Legend of Ying Long. I was curious and wondered what Ying Long was. I searched it and it's this kind of chinese dragon. Haha, that was my guess at first too^^ Wouldn't it be cool is Tavia act as a dragon girl?? PS that was just my guess basing on the title, I hve NO IDEA what the actual story is about :/

SORRY, I LOVE YOU - Louise Lee, Bosco Wong, Elliot Yue, Aimee Chan

Hmm: :/

SHALL WE STATE THE CASE - Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Astrid Chan, Evergreen Mak, Lee Kwok Lun, Mary Hon, Lo Lok Lam, Lee Sing Cheung

Hmm: Haha, definitely one of the most hyped series out of all :D I just can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!! I've never seen FungYi together, but heard of their great chemistry.....which I'm awaiting to see in here xD Haha, I just watched this really great mv of them at and I LOVE it. Haha, I might become this craze fan of theirs if I watch the series :P

Also the reunion of Bernice and Kenneth xD I love them in 'Into Thin Air' and is excited for their scenes in here^^ Too bad Bernice is only a guest star though :/

TWILIGHT INVESTIGATION - Wong He, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee, Power Chan, Rebecca Chan, Shek Sau, Kingdom Yuen

Hmm: *jump, jump, jump* I WANT to see it soooooo badly xD I think it's gonna be quite an interesting series^^ With WOng He and Linda in it just doubled my reasons to watch it xD (now you see what I meant by bias :P ) Haha, also Raymond, Johnson, Power and Kingdom too *tears* *happiness*

Note: This is only what's in the sales presentation booklet. There can always be a series tvb won't film, and the casts can always change (unless it's already filmed like Twilight Investigation).

*List and Pics credits: jse@asianfanatics


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