Kenneth Ma Cameo

Haha, today, I was rewatching random episodes of Virtues of Harmony :puppyeyes: Some might know I LOVE that series xD While I randomly chose an episode.....I jumped to an episode on Kingdom Yuen!!! I LOVE HER!!! Anyway...............back to the point. When I was watching it, KENNETH MA SUDDENLY APPEARED!!!! I was thinking to myself......IS THAT KENNETH?? Haha, lucky xD

He appeared for like 1-2mins?? Haha, I laughed so hard when he carried Kingdom in the air spinning around xD but then he dropped her onto the ground, fell down to the ground and DIE!! Kingdom's reaction was hilarious!!!

Edit with more of Kenneth Ma's Cameos xD

Ok this pic is another cameo from Virtues of Harmony. It is a little blurry but I think that is Kenneth.....hopefully xD

Much clearer in this pic^ He acts as a street performer in here^^ The series is Better Halves^

This series is Colorful Life^^ He plays as a scholar (I think). He had quite a few lines here xD


Niki said...

I LOVED Virtues of Harmony too!!! and I thought I was the only one to remember/love it...I remember bugging my mom to go rent new episodes(back when you rented videos) for me because I finished so quickly xD I noticed Kenneth after re watching it the second time and he was so surprised. He was so cute ^^ and Kingdom was awesome in that series. (sorry such a long comment)

Niki said...

sorry not he, I was surprised*

LynneD. said...

lols me too!!! I remember going to the video store every single tuesday to rent the vhs xD

haha yah Kenneth was really cute! I'm going to try to re-watch VOH again...want to see that part again x)

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