Witness of Insecurity Thoughts 1

Guess what? I started on Witness Insecurity! Finished two episodes already and I must admit, better than I had even expected. The story is quite interesting to watch and I like the balance between the uses of actors. There are some "newcomers" that I've only seen a few time before, such as Bosco's little "bro". Of course there are the main leads...which is in every series, but they balanced their screentime with our veterans (aka. Paul Chun and Ram Cheung). I hope they would keep it this way, balancing the screentime so that we don't get overload with the mains.

Starting of with episode 1, we got to see some action along with Bosco's professionalism. The part where he caught the gunner and smoothly walked out of the van...that was super awesome!!!! Omg, he is so cool and handsome! lols, went a bit fangirl at that moment. I am very glad to see Bosco hit another interesting role after Lives of Omission.

Bosco's WPU team got sent to protect Ram Tsueng who was ambushed by a gunner. Haha Ram plays quite a funny character in here in contrast to Paul Chun's serious one. So there's a balance of both. So glad to see some of my favourite veterans working together in here.

As for Linda who plays the daughter of Paul's, she apparently suffer from depression? Eh...I don't know if depression would be the right word. The way she reacted...feeling incredibly uncomfortable when people are near her feels more like anthrophobia, which is the fear of people. Maybe if she didn't acted so strongly with people, it will seem more like depression. This is just my opinion there ;)

So far though, it interesting to see Linda's character...I am quite looking forward to how her character would be able to overcome this issue.

Haha throughout the episodes, Lam Fung was mentioned repeatedly :P lols Not surprise since it is a Linda series, but surprise that when it he is mentioned....Linda is not IN the scene :P haha x)

The part where Bosco started seeing karaoke was hilarious!! Lols everybody thought of an excuse to leave because his singing was "horrible" :P

Really looking forward to seeing more. Loving the cast and story right now ;)


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