Bermo Graphic

Just did a graphic on Bermo^^ They became one of my favourite pairings when I saw them in Love Bond. Their chemistry in there was just so cute ><

A Great Way to Care Theme Caps

Notes: At first, I didn't have any hopes for this series since it looks boring but to my surprise, I actually really like this series. I've watched up to episode 9 right now and think the series quite interesting. All the cases so far are well done and I hope that it will continues to be like that.

Burning Flame 3

In this much-awaited third installment of "Burning Flame", a team of firefighters continue to strive for the safety and well-being of local citizens under extreme conditions. Through rescuing the victims, the beauty of human nature and the importance of life are realized. Encouraged by the fireman leader CHUNG YAU SHING (Wong He), young and playful FONG LEI ON (Wong Chung Chak, Bosco) joins the team and gets to know CHEUK PAK YUE (Cheng Kevin). Unfortunately, the two of them are having lots of misunderstanding at work. ON believes that YUE has stolen SHING's lover KO WAI YING (Wu Myolie) and causes the serious injury of SHING. However, a gruesome fire accident has drawn everyone into a twist of fate that has led them to find a deeper sense of awareness.

Synopsis Credits: Astro on Demand

Linda Chung most enjoys working with Steven Ma

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were shooting new TVB ancient series "The Legend of Pu Songling" earlier. The scene consists of them climbing up a tree and meeting each other for the first time. They also play a bickering couple in the series. Whether it's on screen or off screen Steven praised Linda for being very hardworking and that he was very lucky to work with her. Linda stated that she most enjoys working with Steven Ma. Even rumored boyfriend Raymond Lam cannot be compared.

Actors are envious of him and complain

Steven disclosed that in recent years he often worked with Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Fala Chen. Many male actors have said that they are envious of him. He said "Many male actors come up to me to complain. They ask me why the company always pair me up with such young Fa Dan's? Actually I feel extremely lucky. All 3 of them have great qualities. They are very hardworking and put in a lot of effort. It is worth appreciation. But what I find most funny is that whenever I work with Tavia, we start off as lovers in the series but never have a good result at the end. However when I work with Linda we always play a bickering couple".

Linda praises Steven being Hardworking and Positive

As to Steven Ma saying he feels very lucky to work with Linda, she laughed and said "Of course! He always gets to work with 3 of TVB's most beautiful and youngest Fa Dan's. I also enjoy working with Steven. Out of the TVB male actors he is one of the most hardworking. He is positive and professional". (Do you enjoy working with Steven or Raymond Lam?) "I enjoy working with Steven more because he can teach me a lot of things".



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Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung in new TVB Series

Following the concert, Raymond Lam will be filming a new series with Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma which is scheduled to commence filming in July. This series was written and drawn under the inspiration of Japan’s famous TV series ‘Detective Galileo’.

The tentative title of the series is [談情說案], taking the role as Galileo, Raymond, is a university associate professor in physics. As a rational scientist, he believes that in everything, there exists a connection with the philosophy of science.

Raymond will pair up with the criminal investigator, Tavia in solving many criminal cases. In the new series, they will be romantically linked up as well. .

Raymond said that he grew up with detective novels, however, this would be his first detective series and that this would be a new experience for him. Asked if he has watched the TV series, Raymond said : [I don’t even have the time to watch the series that I have acted in, hence, time just does not permit me to watch other series]. Asked if he is worried that he will be compared with Masaharu Fukuyama, he said : [In everything that you do, you will still be the subject of comparison, nevertheless, there are many differences, from the the scripts and plots to the actors and actresses with different portrayal of each roles and characters, I believe they are different altogether].

Focuses on Romantic relationships

This would also be Tavia’s first time taking on a role as a criminal investigator. Tavia said : This is a fresh new experience for me. The plot is also different, I certainly look forward to it].

Asked if she is worried that this series will be compared with Japan’s ‘Detective Galileo’. [Not worried, it’s totally different storyline, and according to the Producer, Lau Ka Hou, this series will also focus on the romantic relationships, hence, I believe the audience will not compare this series with ‘Detective Galileo’].

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Choccho @ http://asianfanatics/net/

Rosy Business Characters

I really admire Po Kei (Sheren Tang) in here. She is always strong and is always determine on the choice she makes. My favourite scene of her is probably when she know that Pit Man (Peirre Ng) was the one who murdered Chai Kau (Wayne Lai), but she can't bring herself to report him. It was probably the scene she is the weakest in since she was so strong in all of her other ones, but that is why I think this scene was the most special. Technically saying though, I shouldn't use the word strong, but unselfish. She tend to think of everybody and fairness, but because of her husband, she was selfish for once.

Chai Kau (Wayne Lai) is just a poor farmer, but he has an extradinary talent as to think what others can't. In the beginning, he started out as a very selfish person and will do anything to survive, but since he met Po Kei (Sheren Tang), he had become a very nice person. The thing that I like about Chai Kau (Wayne Lai) is his loyalty. He is always there for Po Kei (Sheren Tang) whenever there is trouble and always help her, but there is also a point of him that I don't like. I don't like how he always do things before thinking of the consequence, but overall I did really like his character.

My favourite scene of his was probably when Pit Man (Pierre) and the first wife tried to bribe him, but he still stood up for Po Kei (Sheren). His speech was very touching too! I remembered that he said how holding the house keys isn't a blessing, but just a burden. At first, I didn't think he would stood up for Po Kei (Sheren) and was definitely surprised when he did.

Pit Ching (Ron Ng) in here was really cute, but not exactly an outstanding character. I really like his character though^^ Even though first time seeing him, I thought he was just a spoiled rich kidswho play around all day, but I was wrong. He doesn't like to work in the family business but gets along with everyone in there and no what's right from wrong. Always being tricked by Yau Man (Suki Tsui), you could tell he is very kind hearted.

My favourite scene of him is probably all the scenes he have with Suki. I thought they were really cute in here, even though there relationship didn't have muchtime to develop. Throughout the whole series, there is one drama after another, but only when it get to their part that it isn't too intense.

Yau Man (Suki Tsui) was really cute in here^^ I really love her outfit and hairstyle. Even though she played as a trickster (I don't know what's it called), she is kind-hearted and I also like it when she tricks Pit Ching (Ron Ng) ^^. I thought the part where she and her mother got arrested was real, but in the end it was only to fool Pit Ching (Ron) into getting money. I was like "what the????" at that time. It was atually kind of unbelievable but I didn't mind that much because Pit Ching (Ron) looked so funny after he found out^^

At first, I wouldn't say I like Nancy's character that much, but in the end, I really liked her. She plays this flirtious girl, who is Pang Hang's women and likes to play around with Chai Kau (Wayne Lai). I didn't like her at that time, but liked her in the second half of the series. At the end, you could tell that she truly loved Chai Kau (Wayne) and would always stay by his side even though she know that the person he love wasn't her.