About :antok:

Blog Name:
Tvb Horizon
Blog's Opening: June 18, 2009
Blogger: Lynne/LynneD
Languages: English, Vietnamese (can't read it though)

Why Blog?
To express and share my thoughts!  A bonus is being able to communicate with other fans, like myself, who loves TVB.

What started it all?
I was inspired by 'TVB Musings', a retired tvb fan blog, to start blogging myself.

All time favourite series?
Virtues of Harmony 1 & 2

Contact Email: lynnetvbhorizon@gmail.com

9 Random Facts About Me 
(Why 9?  That's my favourite number!)

1. Addicted to taking screencaps.  Why?  I have no idea.  All I know is that it's a bad habit to have since it is so time consuming :P
2. If you email me or message me (regardless of whatever the social network it), I'll likely take a bit of time to respond.  You can add this onto my list of bad habits...haha
3. I may seem talkative online, but that is just online.
4. My favourite animal is the turtle, though I also really love whales.
5. Took swimming lessons before but still don't know how to swim until this day.  Something is wrong with me obviously :P
6. When I feel stressed, I start rearranging my room.  Which results in an even messier room...
7. Big time procrastinator.  If something have a deadline, there's a 90% chance that I would do it the night before.  Not a good habit.
8. I love to walk...walk around.  Simply looking at things...anything.  Preferably the beach (I like the sea and the sand), forest trails (I like the trees) or just down a street.  Lols I once walked around downtown for 8 hours...this is not for shopping btw.  I don't like shopping unless you're talking about food.
9. Got to meet Linda Chung, Kenneth Ma, Ruco Chan and Sonija Kwok in person!


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