[Thoughts] Wudang Rules - It is ok to lose

One thing I really enjoyed while watching "Wudang Rules" is the development of the characters. Timmy Hung play as the character, Ken. While Ken is a nice guy, he is very prideful his goal is to become an unbeatable fighter. Throughout his days on Wudang, he began to learn that not everything is about winning.

How he started out:
Ken is asked to have a friendly competition with a fellow Wudang student.  They fought and Ken fell.  The nice fellow offered him his hand and Ken punched him right in the face...ouch.
Ka Kong, you shouldn't have done that. It's just practice between students. You shouldn't overdo it.

Master Mo, there are no eyes in fighting. Anybody can get hurt. I take every match seriously. What did I do wrong?

What he learned:
There's this martial arts comeptition and Ken is representing his fellow students.  During the fights, we see Ken having flashbacks of what Master Mo has taught him about Wudang and all the life lessons along with it.

"You don't learn how to win but to accept failure.  If you can overcome your eagerness to win, you will be invincible." - Master Mo

In the end when his opponent was about to fall onto the ground, Ken immediately grabbed the guy's hand to prevent him from falling.  Honestly this scene was so good, especially with how the themesong started to play in the background.  Ken really matured throughout the series and this scene made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside lol


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