Younger Versions

Ok, I was just randomly surfing the net for tvb pics...but then saw some pictures of artistes in their younger days.  Some are easily recognized but there were also some that shocked a good way though, not anything bad x)  So here are a few....(I will post some others up, but they are easily recognized, while I found these hard).

Born on September 26, 1950.  Louise is now 61 years old.
Ok, I recently re-watched Legend of the Condor Heroes of the 80's but never knew...that the actress who played Michael Mui's mother is afterall, LOUISE LEE!  OMG!  Was so shocked today when I searched up her name and there...the character showed up.  I can't believe it....but now that I look at it, they do bear resemblance.

No information on how old Mimi is, but I've grown up watching her in all the mother roles.  Could never imagine two younger picture is her!  Wow!  She's so pretty!!!  I can't believe it!  Totally blew me away when I found out it's her....

Born on March 30, 1950.  Nancy is now 62 years old.
Ok, not surprise today...because I've seen those pictures beforehand already (was stunned before).  Nancy is absolutely beautiful!  If you see some of the other filming pictures though, you'd recognize it was her...I just never imagined her to be so pretty when she was young (she's still good-looking now though)!  Her dimples :) haha cute.

Born on November 5, 1959.  Teresa is now 52 years old.
Never knew that the actress who played in the role of Kim-Ping in The Duke of Mount Deer was Teresa Mo!!!  Blew me away!  I always love that lady in the old series...but just found out today the actress is actually Teresa!  I can see the resemblance now...but never thought of it before!  In my defense, I have only heard and seen a few pics of Teresa...but never watched her (in the newer series), so that's why I'm not familiar with her.


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