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Info: Credit to hyn5 blog
- Michael Tse will play Kam Cho Chan (甘祖贊), a barrister at the Department of Justice (DOJ).
- Tavia Yeung will play Fong Tin Lam (況天藍), a Senior Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions at the DOJ. She will have a romantic storyline with Michael.
- Sammy Leung will play a cop. He is Michael's younger brother.
- Sharon Chan will play Ngai Mei San (艾美辰), a CID. She and Sammy Leung will play an arguing pair.
- Louis Yuen will play an oncologist.
- Alice Chan will play a career woman. She is a villain. She treats her younger brother very well; although her younger brother has done many bad things, she helps him by covering up for him.
- Mandy Wong will play a non-citizen pregnant woman.
- Oscar Leung will play Tai Yik Hang (戴奕行), a prosecutor.
- Grace Wong will play Michael's secretary.
- Matthew Ko will play Alice's younger brother.
- Samantha Ko will play KiKi Kei Mo Chi (紀慕芝), a silly and naive pupil prosecutor. Because she has the guidance and support of her superior, she is envied by others. She will get raped by Matthew.
- Sammy Sum will play a villain.
- Patrick Dunn will play Tam Seung King (譚尚京), a cop.
- Otto Chan will play Yi Mo Si (爾摩斯), Sammy's subordinate.
- Hoffman Cheng will play Mo Hok Lik (武學歷).
- James Ng will play Ng Chor Chi (吳佐治), a legal newcomer.
- Joey Law will play a legal newcomer.
- Akina Hong will play Sharon's family member.

This series is quite interesting. I can totally imagine Michael as quick-tongue lawyer. Having Alice Chan in this series makes is all worthier to watch!! She's also playing an evil character in here...a bonus! Absolutely love her...Having her and Joey Meng, tvb managed to grab some jewels to add to their team :)

btw I really like Sharon Chan's hair in here!  AND  Sammy Sum is playing a villain ;)  I have liked him since Lives of Omission...so let's see what he have to offer in here.


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