Child, Let Me Love

孩子‧讓我愛 (Child, Let Me Love)
主唱:陳鍵鋒 (Vocal by: Sammul Chan)

柔柔愛意,深深顧念 (your gentle love, your deep care and attention)
讓愛引領,心的跳動 (lets love guide the heartbeat)
愛漸成形 而不見聲色 (love invisibly is transformed)
當愛降臨 祗有你知道 (when love transcends, only you would know)

全憑你愛,讓我生世上 (I exist in this world all because of you)
赤子的心,感激你眷佑 (this pure and innocent heart is full of gratitude for your care)
經過洪濤,試煉沖擊 (through ups and downs, temptations and trials)
小小生命,有更大使命 (this small life has a bigger mission)

孩兒笑臉,給你夢想;孩兒一生,因你燃亮 (child's smile brings joy into your dreams; child's life is lit because of you)
地闊天高,不夠盛載;因你關懷,犧牲的愛 (the whole wide world is not enough; because of your care and sacrificial love)

願以這雙手甘心 將一生獻奉 (willing to use both hands to offer up my whole life)
讓這愛見証祝福 天下父母親 (to let this love testify and bless all parents)

因為當你活在這裏時,你也是如此過日子 (because when you live here, you still live your days as you do)
欣然忍受一切的損失,好使近你的人得安適 (you're willing to endure all losses w/ joy, so ppl around you can be in peace)

我今不知前途究竟有多遠,這條道路一去就不再還原 (right now, I don't know how far the future is; once I take this path, I can't return)
所以讓我學習你那樣的完全,時常被人辜負心不生怨 (so let me learn all about your entirety; when ppl always disappoint you, you still don't resent)

你用情共愛改寫我一生,像紅日掛天邊伴我行 (you used care and love to rewrite my life, you placed sunshine along my path)
世事常在變親恩永不改,願能伴你一生到永恆 (the things in this world often change while parental love never changes, may it accompany you to eternity)

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I first heard of this song a few years ago...and fell in love with it. Aat that time, I didn't knew what it meant...but was still touched by the song (mv/tone etc) Today, I just suddenly thought of this song and decided to search up the translation. The lyrics are very moving...and reminds me, as a child, how much my parents went through to raise me. Even though I often argue with them (about random stuff) and may not think of it during those moments....I still understand they went through alot to raise me. I know I am very fortunate to have them.

Overall, love this...I find it very moving and makes us realize how much our parents love their children. Sammul have a really nice voice...and I absolutely love it. I need to look for more of his songs.


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