I took my siblings and a friend to see Brave yesterday because all of them really wanted to see it. I am personally the kind that will enjoy seeing the movie at the moment, but if I had a choice in the first place...I wouldn't really go because I don't like going to the movies. All of them (aka siblings and friend) were so excited to see the movie, and yes, I thought it was also very good :) Haha my sister was a bit upset though because apparently she had much higher expectations for it :P

Brave is funny with depth...and the best thing would be that it featured a girl who stood up for herself with no prince or love interest involved. It's main focus is rather on the relationship between a mother and a daughter. The film showed us how both parties viewed on the problem: Merdia does not want her fate to be determined by her mother, while her mother saw her marriage as a tradition. Both had their own rights and wrongs. Throughout the movie, the mother and daughter begins to see their own faults and realizes the other's reasons. In the end, it's just all about communication.

Before Brave was shown, there was also a short film: La Luna. Short but sweet. Tying up with Brave, both talks about how each new generation will have their own ways of doing things and don't necessarily have to follow the old traditions.

I'm not going to talk more about this...Overall, Brave is an enjoyable watch...though I personally didn't think it was outstanding the theme have been seen many times.  Best is the incorporation of folklore and magical spirits in here though...took us on a little mythical trip with it's settings.  Lastly there is the humour in here....haha I was basically laughing at almost every scene. I'd say watch it if you have not yet :)


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