Mid-Autumn Festivals

Ok, I remember it was quite awhile ago (august) that I walked into a supermarket (T&T) and I saw the workers putting up many lanterns. At that time, I was really confused because I thought New Year wasn't coming until January!!!!! :galit: Haha, it was funny how stupid I felt when my mom told me it actually the Mid-Autumn Festivals. Yup! I mistook the Mid-Autumn Festival for New Year :sigh:

Anyway! I always thought that I'd do a special post for the holiday^^ Of course I couldn't know much since I don't actually know the DATE for it >< Until summer@Just TVB Artist told me it was on October 3rd!!!

Why I like it???? Hmm....I dont' actually celebrate this holiday....well only a little I guess, since my mom always buy mooncakes, but then I don't like it :anongnangyari: Haha, I just like the designs on it xD It's so detailed^^ But besides the mooncakes.......the first thing that pops into my head are LANTERNS!!!!!


I remember the first time I began how beautiful the lanterns were was in Lost in the Chamber of Love starring Ron, Myolie, Michelle, and Kenneth. The scene that made the lanterns memorable was how Ron decorated the whole city/street with lanterns to stop Myolie from leaving. :blush: That part was soooo sweet xD

Haha, since then I've always love the lanterns^^ They reminds me of christmas lights too, but sometimes much more beautiful! When I was searching on google image for some pics, I saw lots of pics for the festival, and I really wish I could go to one, one day xD



History: During the Yuen Dynasty, China was ruled my the mongolians. The people of the previous dynasty (Sung) wanted a rebellion and during that time, the Mid-Autumn Festival was coming. They then decided to plan their rebellion by making these special cakes where they put messages of the attack inside. On that night, the rebellion was successful............so from that day on, mooncakes were traditional eaten during the festival.

As I've mentioned above, I'm not a big fan of mooncakes, but when I was searching for some pics........I found some pretty interesting designs for them xD Haha, my favourite one would be the Hello Kitty one, it just looks so cute xD

Beside finding the unknown designs for the mooncakes which I've never seen before in my life, I also found out something about Starbucks. In china, some Starbucks places makes their on mooncakes of the Mid-Autumn festival too!!!! See the designs on it, it says "Starbucks Coffee" :devilishgrin: ---->

Haha, now.....let's think of what's the first think that pops up into your head (about tvb) when it comes to mooncake................Hmm................MOONLIGHT RENOSANCE!!!!!!

I guess everybody knows about the most anticipated series back in 2008^^ This series has the mooncake theme, when it's prequel had the abalone theme. I like how they named the children as a word for the mid-autumn quote, it's quite meaningful. Suppose to be full of happiness, but of course didn't, but anyway...........I think in Moonlight, the Mid-Autumn Festival represents their family day and the mooncake is their symbol for happiness.


The Legend
Do you usually see a woman on the cover of when you buy mooncakes?? (think only some covers but not all^^) According to a legend, that lady is Chang'e. She's the wife of the man who shot down 9 out of 10 suns. (familiar??) She's actually a mortal, but after drinking an elixir, her body bacame lighter and lighter and she floated all the way to the moon. Since she drank the elixir, she was immortal and never died, but instead lives on the moon all alone for eternity.

(left:Chang'e right:Wayne Lai)
Hmmm.....I'm thinking this story's somehow familiar??? Hehe, it's because it was portrayed into a part of a tvb series before, Journey to the West 1/2. Remember Wayne Lai who portrayed the pig, he fell in love with one of the fairy in heaven, and that's why he was sent to earth. The person who he fell in love with is Chang'e. Of course the 'tvb' story wasn't the same as the legend (duh!) ....but still kept the part where her husband's the guy who shot down the 9 suns.


Final Words

Ok, wishes to all of you guys a happy Mid-Autumn festival!!! See ya! Hehe, gonna be at my friend's again tomorrow xD
Good Night^^ :sleep:
Haha, this is a really, really, really, really short post. The fadans post isn't mine (there were credits at the end^^). It was translated by aZnangel at Asian Universe from an article in ENT.TOM.com

I just wanted to clarify this since some people confused it as my post^^
TVB Fadans: the '70s trying to maintain status, the '80s rising up

With the opportunities of participating in Miss Hong Kong and the acting class, Hong Kong's TVB has never lacked artistes. It's just that newcomers trying to get up top is not that easy, the FaDan battles have always been a hot topic. Besides the older FaDans Gigi Lai who married the wealthy and retired from the industry, Ada Choi focusing her jobs in Mainland, Flora Chan already has a son and Kenix Kwok recently recovered from marriage troubles, TVB's FaDan's have already moved onto another group. Looks like the '80s newcomers are taking over the '70s seniors.

Depending on the series "War of Beauty", which gave both Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai an opportunity to become the "No.1 Sister", it was a heated battle between the two actresses. Soon, Gigi Lai was given a chance to participate in TVB's grand production "The Gem of Life", making way for her to get up top. However, life unexpected events lead to Gigi's retirement when her brother got into a serious car accident during the filming period. Naturally this gave Charmaine Sheh the chance to become the new Big Sister.

FaDan advantage: Charmaine Sheh participated in Miss Hong Kong, then entered the industry. Her appearance at the time looked "traditional", although she only came in third, but she got strong support. Charmaine's acting path went from a cute girl to competent policewoman and finally to a smart concubine to get her current status. She belongs to both ability and appearance-based group of artistes.
Current Work: September 21, Charmaine Sheh appears at the "Heaven and Earth" costume fitting with a new refreshing short haircut. She expressed that the last time when she did a haircut for a series was 5 years ago.

While Charmaine and Gigi were the leading actresses in almost all of their series, Myolie Wu at the time only played small roles. She also did not have the determination to compete with the current FaDans. Although Myolie's looks isn't the dominant part of her, but she is innocent, well-behaved, pleasant and works very hard. To accommodate her role in "To Grow With Love", she deliberately gained 36 pounds, sacrificing a whole lot. Among the TVB FaDans, she is the first to make such sacrifice, finally depending on this series, she won "Most Improved Artist Award".

FaDan Advantages: Among the many TVB actresses, not many are as well spirited as Myolie Wu. She depends on her ability "card" to make a breakthrough and TVB is strongly supporting her.
Current Work: In 2009, Myolie's series are abundant. Early 2009, she completed a new series "His True Father", where she challenges her acting skills playing Ron Ng's mother. Recently she just completed a Mainland drama (Beauty Scheme), Myolie expressed that she is very happy to be able to film in Mainland. She doesn't mind to do more Mainland series.

The new '80s newcomers are starting to make their way up. The newcomer who is the most prosperous is Linda Chung. She is currently getting heavily promoted, although she's not the first line actress in her series, but every one series that she participated in she was one of the leads. In the grand production "The Gem of Life", she acted in a role that was total opposite of her true self, even competing with her seniors Maggie Siu, Ada Choi and Gigi Lai. She becomes the most dazzling '80s FaDan. The other day when Maggie Siu was promoting for "The Gem of Life", she praised Linda: "I feel that she has potential, she also portrayed her role very carefully."

FaDan advantage: Linda Chung has two factors that makes her successful. First, her debut was strong, slowly getting popular and reaching the top. From "Heart of Greed" to "Moonlight Resonances" to "The Gem of Life", TVB has been strongly focused on her in the last two years. Sitting stabledly on her FaDan status, Linda is still only missing her own personal representative work.
Current Work: Linda and Wong He are currently working on a new series "Cross Boundary Explorations".

TVB exposes newcomers to the public every year. Although there are many self-produced series, but nowadays there are more and more "Supporting Role Queens". Fala Chen is fortunate to participate in "Moonlight Resonance" as a supporting role, and then a second line role was given to her soon in "Catch Me Now".

FaDan advantage: Her mother on screen mother Louise Lee from "Moonlight Resonances" praised her: "Fala Chen's acting is very mature, she's starting to move away from the newcomer image. She has potential." Fala although still need to prove herself, but not to worry because the '80s generation her still have time.
Current work: Hong Kong Netizens are getting heated up discussing Fala Chen in the current series that she stars in "The Stew of Life". The Fala today is now starting to take on female lead roles.

Source: Ent.Tom.com
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Born Rich Pics xD

Credits: Astro On Demand

Thoughts: Hehe, should of post this yesterday......
Well, looking at the caps, I could say there's gonna be alot of drama going on in BR. Hmm, somehow this kinda remind me of Heart of Greed. Maybe beacause of the big house, big family o.O Haha, anyway, I'm really looking forward to this series xD

BEYOND THE REALM OF CONSCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Synopsis/Screencaps

Imperial Household Bureau is responsible for managing and directing all household services to the Emperor and the Imperial family in Tong Dynasty. It is comprised of four departments, namely Jewels, Attire, Food and Furnishings. LAU SAM HO (Charmaine Sheh) and YIU KAM LING (Tavia Yeung) are introduced into the bureau in their tender age and brought up in the disciplines of the palace. The two girls are diligent. YUEN TSUI WAN (Susanna Kwan), Head of the Jewels, and CHUNG SUET HA (Michelle Yim), Head of the Attire, are both very fond of HO for she is a kind-hearted young girl. Soon, they start fighting for the fellowship of HO.

HO always remembers her mother's words left to her before she passed away, that she was told, 'Doing good deeds, Speaking good words, Showing goodwill'. She lives her life of being gracious and kind-hearted in the palace. On the other hand, LING believes her survival in palace is achieved through cruel and calculating tactics. She cheats and schemes her way to the top and finally becomes the concubine. Though she realizes that HO has fallen in love with the chess master KO HIN YEUNG (Kevin Cheng), her jealousy still arouses by HO's attraction to the Emperor LEE YI (Moses Chan). Fearing that she is losing power, she ruthlessly makes up a false allegation against HO for murdering the Empress (Mary Hon) and condemns her to death. No matter how clever she is to scheme, things do not go the way she planned. By using a strong comparison of the two distinctive characters, HO and LING, the message of the drama is that "benevolence" is the only way to gain final victory.

*Credits: Astro On Demand

Thoughts: My heart stopped beating when I saw the Screencaps for Beyond!!!! Gosh, I never knew that AOD had screecaps before xD (also Born Rich too xD Gonna post it right after xD ) Hehe.. I'm all so hype up now^^:inlove:

Rumors for "The Academy 4"? TVB reveals production plans & plot


Following the hit TVB series "E.U", the prequel "Laughing Gor Turning Point" film was created especially for Laughing Gor and has done very well in the box office. There is news that TVB has intentions of making "The Academy 4" bringing back Michael Tse's role Laughing Gor from the dead and allowing him back into the Police Force. Laughing Gor, now "Laughing Sir" will lead Chung Lap Man (Ron Ng) and Lee Pak Kui (Sammul Chan) to battle the Triad. According to sources, the series will continue on with the plot of "Turning Point". Francis Ng's role in the film will be replaced by Pierre Ngo as the series' main villain. However, TVB told the Media that the plan to film "The Academy 4" is not confirmed at all yet.

[Rumor] Laughing Gor comes back and plotted against for murder

Earlier TVB broadcasted a small clip to bring Laughing Gor back and it has been a hot topic in the entire city. TVB executive producer Tommy Leung and the Producer for the last three "The Academy" series Wong Wai Sing expressed that there is a possibility of a part 4 installment.

The biggest villain in the proposed series will be played by Pierre Ngo. In the film, after the last biggest duel before the film ended, it was not clarified about the whereabouts of Pierre Ngo's role. Also, his screen time in the film was not much, he didn't even have a name, we only know that he's a gang member under the leader Francis Ng. It was said that in "The Academy 4", he will come back for revenge, going after Laughing Gor. This TVB artist, Pierre Ngo made a breakthrough with his villain role as the "Big Young Master" - Chiang Bit Man , in "Rosy Business". His popularity has rise and this time he gets another opportunity to develop his skills as the "villain" in the fourth installment of "The Academy". Pierre accepted an interview through the phone and revealed that TVB has already contacted him about this, but "did not receive an official notification to do this series."

Also, in the film "Turning Point" it was never clarified if Tracy Ip, Felix Wong and Yuen Biu died or not. It was said that Tracy was identified, in the film she was the lawyer who represents the Triad, but in the new series, she will play as Pierre's assistant for their revenge. In the film, Felix played a major role as the senior police officer, in the series he will continue to play this role, sounds reasonable.

[Verify] Wait until end of 2009 for the final decision

TVB Foreign Affairs Director Peter Tsang accepted an interview from the press and expressed that "The Academy 4" is not official yet, but the Producer Wong Wai Sing already suggested to TVB for plans to shoot another police drama: "there is a possibility that we will use the original cast members from the series, but it will not necessarily be titled 'The Academy 4'"

Reporters contacted Sammul Chan for clarification, his manager Ivy expressed that they have not received any news about it. "Sammul recently attended the costume fitting for his new series "Comeback Family" (翻叮一族). I don't know when 'The Academy" will be arranged." As for "E.U" main female lead YAU YAU, Elanne Kong expressed that she does not know about a part 4 installment, but she expressed that she is currently recording for her new songs, probably will need 1-2 months for that. From all the sources, it seems like "The Academy 4" will probably happen, may need to wait until the end of the year before we know for sure.

Source: Sina.com [17/09/09]
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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