The Exorcist's 2nd Meter - Bear Bear's Parents

I don't think I have cried so much before! This episode evoked so many emotions and that's big credits to the actors who played Bear Bear's parents.

Starting off, we were introduced to Bear Bear's (Moon Lau) parents. We see how heart broken the mother is and she went to confront Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) about it. On the other hand, the father wanted everything to go on as normal and ignore Bear Bear's death. This has put a strain on their relationships and they were ready for a divorce.

At this point, Ma Gwai (Kenneth Ma) appeared and the father began to reveal more of his emotions. We got to see how much Bear Bear's death affected him. He would often turn on the tv in hopes of seeing her and re-listen to her voice mail. After punching Ma Gwai, he broke down and turned towards to his wife:

Husband: Dear, we can never be like before...
Wife: ......let's end it here.

*both walks off to the opposite direction*

This scene was sooo well done! The way they separated off and the background music, everything was was perfectly done. Bear Bear's death did not tear them up individually, their relationship was no longer rectifiable. Literally broke my heart.

Initially Bear Bear thought that her death did not hurt her parents that much but after witnessing how her parents have become, she realized she was wrong. The reason why they never hold a funeral for her is because it was hard for them to accept her death. This episode helped the parents resolved their final wish, and that is to see Bear Bear get married. The father was able to hand over his daughter to the groom and they were able to see Bear Bear happily "leave". 

I feel like this story arch could've made a good ending for Bear Bear but in the end, Ma Gwai is her sole purpose for staying and so it does not just end here.


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