[News] Steven Ma Admits He Has Reconciled With Girlfriend

Yesterday Steven Ma was shooting a commercial for a catering group. He had to demonstrate how to cook up six different lobster dishes. He laughed and said it feels like he's doing a cooking show.

When asked about the recent rumor that he and his girlfriend reconciled? Steven generously admitted: "That's correct! My girlfriend and I did get back together and our relationship is very stabled. However, I'm not sure how we will develop in the future. After all, I am happy with both my work and personal life!" Asked if the catering company will sponsor him lobster to use for his wedding banquet? Steven laughed: "I'm not going to get marry just because of sponsors. If they sponsor me a 100 lobsters, then will I have to host a 100 table banquet?!"

Also, Steven expressed the Mainland series that he filmed earlier will be broadcasting on CCTV soon and welcomes any other TV station to give him acting opportunities.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Missing Steven :( Glad to find out that he've reunited with his girlfriend though! Wish them all the best :D


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