Awfully Lawful Episode 4 - Elsa's and Honey's Rivalry

Look at all of those bored expressions!  I don't know how many times I've mentioned it but Elsa (Selena Li) is so cute! haha More so, I wish they had shown her wig and outfit collections :P  For the remaining episodes, I'll keep track of the different wigs and outfits she wears!

I like how Elsa is overly possessive of Fish (Johnson Lee) haha  Also, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but Fish have bad health.  His lungs collapses easily o.O  So I like it whenever the others talked about Elsa, they'd tease that his lungs will collapse (from fear) haha

While Elsa blames Fish for being the reason why she couldn't get a handbag, the others eavesdropped on their conversation outside.  What they heard?  Fish is Elsa's treasure and the reason why she's always spying on him is because she loves him.  According to Elsa's theory, everything she like is a masterpiece.  Whether its a handbag or guy.  Therefore to her, Fish is a masterpiece that all other girls will go after.  True logic right there!

LMAO Elsa's theory may seem a bit childish but quite sweet as well.  And I just love Solo's (Roger Kwok), Jazz's (Pal Sinn) and Ming Sir's (Raymond Cho) expressions while they evaluated Elsa's 'theory'.

Well, this is the lady that wanted to get a divorce in episode 1.  But guess what?  She's getting married again!  She even demanded Jazz to sing a song for her at her wedding party.  Thing is, ever since Jazz quit his music career years ago (he was framed for plagiarism) he have not sing in front of a crowd or written a song.  After being force into agreeing, he have to somehow find an

In order to once again feel what it's like to be in love, Jazz went to a few different places.  First he went to the church, then volunteered out at a suicide prevention centre and lastly joined a club for single parents.  Basically the places where he targeted some weak souls!
What happened at the church? 
Jazz to a lady:  "Miss, you look anxious.  We are God's children.  Feel free to talk to me.  Perhaps the almighty Father will ask a man to give you a hug after listening to you prayer." 
Worker at the church suddenly same sit down next to them and started praying outloud:  "Almighty Lord, please grant me the wisdom to differentiate the wolf among the lost sheep.  Use your power to summon Chan Sir from 'police station' to come and share with us his experience as a police."
LMAO I really like that guy's clever way of telling Jazz to basically, GET OUT OF HERE!

What happened at the suicide prevention centre? 
First phone call, Jazz: Hello, suicide prevention centre.
Suicide caller (guy): I don't want to live!  I want to jump off the building!
Jazz: Sir, have you jumped yet?
Caller: Soon.
Jazz: If you haven't, please hold on.
*transfers call*
LOLS I know this is not suppose to me funny, but at that moment, it was hilarious! 
Second phone call, Jazz: Hello, suicide prevention centre.
Caller: I said I wanted to kill myself but he simply ignored me!
*Jazz's eyes widened....BINGO!  It's a girl's voice :P
Jazz: Miss, don't be so sad.  Can you tell me how old you are?
Caller: 23
Jazz: Did you have a fight with your boyfriend?
Caller: He's got another woman!  He wants to break up with me!
Jazz: I can tell you still love him very much but have you ever heard of the kind of love called 'letting go'?
Caller: What is that?
Jazz:  Listen......*starts singing Raymond Lam's song, "Letting Go".
......then he got kicked out.
LOLS I literally laughed out loud when Jazz started to sing, "Letting Go"!!!  Raymond's songs are everywhere...seems like tvb likes to reference to his songs alot haha.

What happened at the single parents club? 
Jazz's teary introduction: My name is Ming.  I was married with my life for eight years and we have two sons....
That was enough to make me laugh already!! Haha he was pretending to be Ming Sir (Raymond cho)!  Though what he said afterwards, how his wife was in bed with another man etc was complete BS.  He then got me again when he pulled out a photo of Felix and Louis (Ming Sir's sons)!  Jazz came prepared didn't he? :P

In the end, he befriended a girl named, Sam (Grace Wong).
Jazz and Sam went out for a drink and Jazz got hit by a bunch of guys.  This was all planned by Sam, who wanted to teach him a lesson (she saw what he did at the church and suicide prevention centre).  Lols when Jazz told her that he had no bad intentions and only wanted to find the inspiration for his music again, of course she didn't believe him.  That's when he started dancing and singing to one of his old classics.  This part was just too good!!

During the part where he sang, "I am idol Hong Kon...", he suddenly sprained his back!  Lols that's when Sam said, "Goodbye Uncle!!"  Therefore, the nickname 'Uncle' was born!  haha Despite the age difference, these two will be a likable pair :)

Here is Kirby Lam trying to 'inspire' Jazz xD  Ming Sir was just speechless and left her alone, don't wanna mess with a girl in love haha

While everybody at the firm is having a meeting, Jazz is sitting in his office to write his song.  At this moment, the firm had invited a new solicitor to help out Fish with a case (I am referring to the case about the boy's mom suing the gym).  Turn out it is Sam, who's real name is actually Honey (Grace Wong) instead.

Worse comes the worse, Elsa and Honey turned out to be enemies back in their school days.  Haha Elsa was furious when she found out Honey is going to be working with Fish.  While they argued, Solo (Roger Kwok) took a video :P

Back in highschool, Elsa and Honey were both popular girls and each had a group of guys who followed them.  Elsa is the perfect student amongst the teachers while Honey was cast as a 'bad' girl who hanged out with the rebels.

Though cheesy, I thought the highschool flashbacks were quite funny haha  Selena Li is so cute in the school uniform xD

While Elsa and Honey continued to argue over whether Honey can work with Fish or not, Jazz suddenly walks out.  Seeing Honey, he was in daze again and their song, "Take My Breath Away".  Lols he refused to take on the case for Fish before but voluntarily took it when he saw Honey :P

Lols when Honey saw Jazz, she was like, "Uncle"?  The whole office burst out laughing.  When he tried to explain that he's a lawyer, Honey still couldn't believe it, "Uncle is a lawyer?"  Lols I love how everybody started poking fun at his age after this.

This episode overall was very enjoyable, especially since Elsa dominated it haha.  Ugh...I am starting to miss Solo though, need more of him :P


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