Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!! - Graphics and MVs

WHOOO!!!! Merry Christmas everybody!!!  Can't believe that 2013 is going to end already!  Everything is just going to fast!  Anyways, enjoy the holidays with your family and munch down all those goodies like turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing or anything else!  Gotta love munching ;D

For MissyCupcakes@
In your recent post you listed Benjamin Yuen and Mandy Wong as one of your fav pairings, so hopefully you'll like this surprise :)  It's great getting to talk to you this year, even though we've both been blogging for awhile already haha

For Ginny@
Here ya go! Hehe hope you like it and if you wanna keep it as a banner later on too, I'll edit out the 'Merry Christmas' later on ;)  So glad to see you back, you're on a blogging roll! haha

For Rachel
Fred Cheng!!!  Just found out this morning that he won Jaynestars' Sexiest Man Alive 2013! lols You're probably excited about that!  Hope you like it :D

For Sharlin@
You didn't say whether you wanted a banner or a poster but since I got some pretty big pictures of RuDa, I did a poster ^-^;  Hope ya like it!! hehe they are so perfect together!

Christmas MVs
Last but not least, I wanted to share some old Christmas MV's I made in the previous years with you guys!!  I've stopped making them cause it is almost impossible to find download links nowadays =.=  So with no new mv's....there will only be old ones :P

Christmas of 2010

Christmas of 2011

Christmas Present 2013

Yups, it is that time of year again!  Christmas is near and the only gifts I can give you guys is graphics!!  Haha this kind of 'tradition' started in 2011 and even though I missed it for 2012's Christmas, I did it for the New Year's instead.

So If anyone here wants a banner, do leave a comment below!!  Do request since this is my Christmas gift to you :)

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Bounty Lady - Jennifer's Search

I know that 'Bounty Lady' already ended but I just couldn't help myself!  This scene from episode 15 at the beach is my favourite scene of Kwong Nam and Jennifer.  It was really touching.  Hope you all like the banner :)

The butcher knife ring that Kwong Nam (Dayo Wong) always wear was given to him from his 'ex-girlfriend', Laura. The ring means alot to him and while teasing Kwong Nam about the ring, Jennifer (Kate Tsui) accidentally 'lost' it. Desperate to find the ring, she spent the whole night at the beach searching for it. Kwong Nam then came over to her saying that he tricked her; he've already found the ring last night (when they lost it) and just didn't tell her.

When you think Jennifer would be mad, she wasn't. Instead she cried because she was so happy that he found it:
Kwong Nam: Sorry I already found it last night.
Jennifer starts to tear up.
Kwong Nam: Don't be mad.
Jennifer: I'm not mad. I'm so happy that you found the ring.
Kwong Nam: Sorry...sorry.

After finding out that Kwong Nam found his ring, Jennifer collapsed from exhaustion and fell into his arms:
Jennifer mumbles: It's good that you found it. The ring means alot to you...

At this moment Kwong Nam bent down and kissed her on the forehead. Yuen Huen's (Sharon Chan) song then started to play in the background.

When Kwong Nam kissed Jennifer on the forehead and held her in his hands, you can't help but feel his care and gentleness. Throughout the series, he rarely shows this gentle side of him but it is seen here. Man, this oughta be one of the best and memorable scene of 'Bounty Lady'!

[Thoughts] TVB Anniversary Awards 2013 - Winner List

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Dayo Wong - Bounty Lady

Dayo was the only TV King nominee that was absent from the awards. Among the top three candidates, the panel gave him the lowest score (19.87), but combined with the votes, he got a total score of 48.04 (second place had 42.29). When it was announced Dayo won the award, it was truly a surprise. The MC Dodo Cheng called Dayo live at the show, and conducted a quick interview with him. Dayo expressed he's in Shanghai and when he learned he just became TV King, he joked and asked who voted for him? When he learned it was half-half by audience and a professional panel, he happily said: "This award is worthy of acknowledgement." [Translated by: aZnangel @]

Thoughts: I am still in shock. Wow...I didn't believe it was possible for Dayo to get this award BUT HE DID AND I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Truly deserving!! This guy is an amazing comedic actor, the way he talks and his body language, he just keeps me glued to the screen.
And I love how Carol called him live at the awards, very sweet haha. If only he was there :P

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Kristal Tin - Brother's Keeper
My Favorite TV Female Character: Yiu Man Ying (Kristal Tin) - Brother's Keeper

This year, there were five awards that allowed the audience to vote; The Most Popular TV Male & Female Character awards were 100% voted by the audience. Best Actor & Actress awards, half voted by the audience and the other half decided by a professional panel of judges. Results, there were 931,487 votes; 100,614 of the votes went to Kristal Tin for Most Popular TV Female Character and 77,948 of the votes went to Chilam Cheung for Most Popular TV Male Character. [Translated by: aZnangel @]

Thoughts:  Even though I did not watch 'Brother's Keeper', I am still sure that Kristal is a deserving winner.  She's a solid actress and I am so glad that she came back to TVB.  Always enjoy her onscreen and so CONGRATS for the winning!!!  hehe right now I'm waiting to see her and Roger Kwok in their new upcoming series!

My Favorite TV Male Character: Jayden Koo Ha Yeung (Chilam Cheung) - Triumph in the Skies II

Thoughts: Expected since Captain Koo is pretty popular.

Best Series: Triumph in the Skies II

Thoughts:  Didn't watch this series so no comment.  Expected though, since it was so popular :P

Curious thought, what was your favourite series of the year?  I've only watched a few and only liked some such as Inbound Troubles, Karma Rider, Awfully Lawful, Will Power, Always and Ever (mainly because of Esther Kwan) and of course, Bounty Lady.  Those were the only ones I thoroughly enjoyed....such a short list :/

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Benz Hui - Bounty Lady
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Elena Kong - Triumph in the Skies II

When Elena Kong won Best Supporting Actress, she cried emotionally on stage and her colleagues all stood up to applaud for her. She looked up and exclaimed: "Mom, I got the award!" Elena expressed a few years ago, she wanted to give up on acting because she didn't have an audience to watch her performances. She is grateful TVB adopting her and joked she has to thank Kenneth Ma for willing to "swallow" her.

Benz Hui was the Best Supporting Actor winner, everyone stood up to applaud him. During his acceptance speech, he joked and asked whether any of the audience turned off their televisions and expressed TVB is actually very innocent. It is not TVB who issues the TV licenses, the audience should be turning the government off. Benz continued emotionally: "I feel surprised getting this award. Last year I got the most outstanding performance award and this year I get one again." [Translated by: aZnangel @]

Thought:  Both are TRULY WORTHY for their winning and I am so happy for their recognition!  Always loved Benz Hui, especially in comedies and Elena is just an amazing and diverse actress!  Congrats!!!

After watching the show, saw that the audience (ie the audience that they were sitting with...?) stood up and clapped for these two :)

Most Improved Actor: Vincent Wong
Most Improved Actress: Eliza Sam

Thoughts: Hands down for Vincent Wong! This guy have been taking on a variety of roles this year and proved that he is deserving of this award! Especially in Will Power, where he portrayed that bastard, Gilbert, it was such surprising transformation! Glad that he was the one who won!

As for Eliza Sam, I'm not sure if I'd say she's the most deserving of the five but I do not object to her winning either. From her debut in Divas in Distress, Eliza took a huge leap, in terms of her emotional scenes.  While this girl can be a bit over the top with her happy scenes, she's just naturally gifted in her emotional scenes. For a newbie, she can surely cry!

Most Outstanding Artists: Suet Nei, Mary Hon, Anderson Junior, Helena Ma, Lau Kong

Thoughts:  Once again some recognition for the veterans, all who've served TVB for so long :)

Best Variety Show Host: Tony Hung, Priscilla Wong - Pilgrimage of Hope

Best Variety Show: Three Amigos Bon Voyage

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Siu Ming

Thoughts:  Love this actor!

Mainland China Most Popular TVB Actor: Kevin Cheng
Mainland China Most Popular TVB Actress: Tavia Yeung

Overall Thoughts:  All the results were surprisingly satisfying this year, especially the Best Actor and Actress award :)  An upcoming post regarding the artistes' attire will be up soon!

The Hippocratic Crush 2 - Yu Zhai's Decision

At the end of episode 3, Yu Zhai (Tavia Yeung) had an operation to do but during the preparation for it, her legs suddenly got weak and could barely stand.  Onto the next episode, it is explained that her spinal illness relapsed and in order to treat it, Yu Zhai would first have to abort her baby.

I did not expect that Yu Zhai's sickness would come back so early in the series!  It was heartbreaking seeing her tell Yat Kin that she didn't want to give up their baby.

Just a funny moment to lighten up the atmosphere.  The girls are having fun and playing around while the guys are at home baking horrible cakes.  Ben (Benjamin Yuen) made an awful tasting cake, Siu Yat (Derek Kwok) made a salty one and Yat Kin baked a curry flavored cake.  Both Siu Yat and Yat Kin lacks common sense :P

Yat Kin (Kenneth Ma) was against Yu Zhai's decision to keep the baby at first, but he knew that it would pain her more to give up their baby and so therefore supported her even though he didn't want to.

While they were at the hospital, one of Yat Kin's patient played by Ronald Law, wanted to commit suicide because of his sickness and the shock of his girlfriend's abortion.  At that moment, the doctors rushed up there to save him:

[a segment of their conversation]
Ronald: ....she's the cruel one, killing the baby!!!
Yat Kin: Do you truly want to keep the baby?  You really want to take care of it and watch it grow up?  If you don't have the capability to, why can't you let it go?  There are lots of things in this world that is painful to lose but you have to consider whether it's worth it, like your family, friends and the person you love.  You have to think carefully cause once you die, there would be nothing left and there's no going back.  You have to save your life and you will have a chance to start over again!

Even though he's saying these words to Ronald, I think it is what he wants to say to Yu Zhai and she also noticed this.

In order to cheer Yat Kin and Yu Zhai up in episode 5, Onion (Him Law), Mei Suet (Mandy Wong), Ben (Benjamin Yuen) and a few others decided to organize a party.  At the party, they exchanged gifts.  'Coincidentally' all the gifts were baby items and everybody gave their gifts to Yu Zhai.  Towards the end of the party, they also played 'Guardian Angel' in which each person picks out a random name and becomes that person's 'guardian'.  Guess who Yu Zhai got?

I personally really like these scenes of the housemen, doctors etc having a party together since everybody looks like they're having so much fun.

After the party, Yu Zhai and Yat Kin brought the gifts back home and sitting together with her mother-in-law (Gigi Wong), she suddenly reveals to Yu Zhai that Yat Kin and Yat Hong (Nathan Ngai) isn't her only children.  She actually had a baby before Yat Kin but unfortunately had a miscarriage.  Through this, she tells Yu Zhai that there's no need to push it (to have the baby) and that there will be future chances.

Back in her room Yu Zhai started to write in her diary, "even though I really want to look over the baby but at this moment, the one I really want to guard over is you, Yat Kin."  At this point, she pulled out the 'Guardian Angel' card she got at the party and on it was Yat Kin's name.  What Yu Zhai said was really touching.

Yat Kin brought home a hand-model thingy for Yu Zhai, saying that they can make a hand-model for their upcoming baby.  Instead of waiting though, Yu Zhai suggested that they try it out first.  This scene was very sweet and heart wrenching at the same time when Yu Zhai said that she decided to abort the baby.  Though it obviously pains her very much, like she said before, what is most important to her right now is Yat Kin.  Man, I teared up like crazy during this scene and to have Gigi Wong overhear them at the door, it just drove out more tears.  For Yu Zhai to decide to abort the baby is even more courageous than it is to keep it.

Return of the Silver Tongue - Official Screencaps

Thoughts: Whitney Hui looks gorgeous in her costume down there!!  Man, would love to see her in more ancient costumes!  Same goes to Priscilla Wong, who I think looks plain in modern series but very pretty in ancient series.

Did not expect to see Jonathan in such a hefty role but is excited to see more of this guy.

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