Christmas Present 2013

Yups, it is that time of year again!  Christmas is near and the only gifts I can give you guys is graphics!!  Haha this kind of 'tradition' started in 2011 and even though I missed it for 2012's Christmas, I did it for the New Year's instead.

So If anyone here wants a banner, do leave a comment below!!  Do request since this is my Christmas gift to you :)

General Banner
- size: 470px by 130px
(but if it needs to be adjusted b/c of forum's restrictions or something, please just tell me :) )
- please PROVIDE links to the pictures
- text: created for "your name" from lynne & "Merry Christmas"

- size: 600px by 800px
- please PROVIDE links to pictures (since the poster is big, the pictures should also be big)
- text: created for "your name" from lynne & "Merry Christmas"
- additional text:


Rachel said...

ooh!! i always love your graphics! would love to receive one again! hehe can i request the poster? :)

...i always have a hard time choosing pictures, i included a couple pictures that are pretty similar for you to choose, but definitely include the first one! :) thank youuu!!


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm from Forever HK celebs! hehe would love to have your graphics since i love every one of it! For the pics , i would want Ruda at the awards! Thank You:)

Ginny said...

Hey Lynne! Thanks again for making this haha ;)
So, I would like a new banner for my blog with Mandy Wong and Benjamin Yuen, size 850 x 350.
Here are the links to the pics, you can use as much or as less of those as you want! (Just an equal amount of mandy/benjamin would be good :))

& for the text, you can put TVB Perspective instead of my name :) Thanks a lot! :D

Unknown said...

Hello!! Thanks for the poster! It's so lovely!! Sorry I forgot to state which I want, but I wanted a banner for my blog. Since I can't make amazing graphics like you do. Would you give me 1 more present? Haha the same theme.. Thanks:)

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