The Last Steep Ascent


Remember that this series is base off of a true story :)  Read here:

I am excited to see this series, since the story behind it is very touching.  Of course, knowing won't be exactly accurate, like how Moses and Maggie don't look like they have much of an age difference.  But I still have hopes for the series anyways! :)  

Oh, nothing to do with the series....but the band, C AllStar created a song/mv base on this true love story called, "Ladder to Heaven".  If you have not heard it, hear it here:  Love the song!!!  I wonder how the themesong for the actual series is going to be like now :)

As for the poster, I personally like it alot!   I like how an old lady and man is standing on top while the stairs winded down...especially because they gave the stairs this "glow" effect, making them stand out.  I would've preferred more if the poster only focused on our two main leads though...Would match better with the old couple on top...Also the bodies seems out of proportion to the background?  Or is that just me? xD 


AC said...

Totally agree about the poster being just the 2 main leads. The others look awkward just sitting there too. lol

I'm not super excited about this series since I'm not really a big fan of any of the actors, but maybe it'll surprise me.

scalae3 said...

In this poster, Moses looks even older than Maggie :P At first glance, I think it's nice. But when I look at it again, it seems like they were just "sticking" the people onto the background. They don't blend at all. I like the background though:P

Anyways, looking forward to this series cuz I have faith in Tim Gor :)

lynne said...

@AC: I've liked tvb's pre-modern series lately, so I hope that this one will be good too x)

@scalae3: Haha I know right :P And aren't women suppose to age faster than men? haha. I agree!! Tvb's recent posters have been all like that!!! Just slapping the characters onto the bg....not much blending and such! But yes, the bg is really beautiful....I wish that there's a poster with just the pretty!

david liu said...

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