[News] TVB newcomer Jenny Lau treated harshly by abusive Director

TVB newcomer Jenny Lau is currently shooting new series Heart Road GPS. A few days ago, Jenny was shooting a scene where debt collectors were after her, she had to get a plastic bag shoved over her head, get pushed into the wall and get threatened with frogs. Because she couldn't meet Director Cheung Wing Ho's expectations, she had to re-film the scene several times and Director Cheung was being very forceful while teaching her how to do the scene. Jenny was so frightened she instantly started crying hard. Because of this, Director Cheung was accused of being abusive. Since the incident was exposed, Jenny did not wish to comment too much and just kept it all in. Yesterday both Jenny and Director Cheung were called back to meet TVB executives Au Wai Lam and Catherine Tsang. They were each asked to explain the whole incident in detail.

Yesterday reporters contacted Jenny, she admitted she is feeling emotional: "I was surprised myself when I saw the playback. Initially I wanted to just let the incident fade and I have to thank the producer for giving me the opportunity. I'm just trying to do my own part and want the best for TVB. Actually last night, I worked with the director again. He apologized to me and we're fine now. (Do you think his directing style is problematic?) I don't know his style. I just do whatever he says." Jenny reveals her mother has been suffering from cancer for 8 years and recently had a relapse. She's worried her mother, who is in Mainland, will find out about this incident and be worried.

It was understood, during Charmaine Sheh's early years of acting, she was also treated harshly by Director Cheung. Yesterday she replied to reporters via SMS and took advantage of the moment to give Jenny some support. Charmaine said: "I don't want to comment on people who have bad qualities. But, I think that girl shouldn't shoot the scenes, nor should she give up on her own ideals. There are many directors in this industry that are like that!" Vincent Choi, a NOW anchor, posted the news on Weibo and Ada Choi quickly reposted it. She also left a message to support Jenny: "I saw the clip and thought it was very shocking. How can you treat someone like that? And not to mention, she's a girl! Even if she's a newcomer, she should be respected. This director is ridiculous, makes people feel disgusted!"

Chapman To was also fired up, he posted on a social networking site: "This person was already a little crazy when he was working as a PA at ATV....if this girl is not a newcomer, will he dare to treat her like that? Actually, if he messes with my wife like that (Kristin Tin), I would kill someone!" Reporters later contacted Chapman, he admitted he collaborated with Director Cheung before at ATV. He left a deep impression because of his manic behavior: "He often uses profanity and has a bad temper! Luckily that time he was just a PA. In other words, he's just directing, if the lead actor doesn't know how to kiss the lead actress, is it necessary to push the guy away and force kiss the girl himself? You have to have patience and a method when dealing with newcomers. If you don't know how to teach them, then don't be a director. This is your job."

Former TVB actress, Erica Yuen (known to bash TVB), made an angry comment: "Tell that girl to come to me. I will go with her to the police station! Is he crazy? I think that director should be fired!"

Catherine Tsang defends Director Cheung

It was rumored Director Cheung is a relative of Catherine Tsang, she said: "I don't know what's the big deal! First, the director is not my relative and the clip online was just a part of it, which was taken out of proportion! Shooting for over 2 hours, anyone would feel impatient. It's common sense. If it's like this, then directors don't have to teach the actors how to do the scenes anymore!" Catherine stressed TVB will certainly and must find the person who uploaded the clip and get to the bottom of it. It was understood the person who leaked the clip was a 'competitor', who worked at TVB as an undercover. The person stole the clip from the studio and uploaded it on the internet. TVB already knows who is behind this and is planning to call the police.

(Below is translated responses from the video)

* Jenny responded: "I don't want say too much, as a newcomer I'm willing to tolerate these types of things. (Do you think it's right what the director did to you?) I don't know how to answer"
* Director Cheung said: "We were filming those 3 shots for over 2 hours. At the time, perhaps I was impatient, of course I was frustrated and got a little rude."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

This guy seriously need to control his temper! Especially since this isn't just the first time either, he should be fired! Catherine's response was rather a sting to the ears, going all out to protect that director. If they really do go to the police...what in the world are they even going to charge the guy/girl with? :P The more you cover up, the worse it makes you look....


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