[News] Netizens Extremely "Like" So Gay, supports Koo Ming Wa to get Best Supporting Actor Award

The name "Koo Ming Wa" may sound unfamiliar to us, but once we say the name "So Gay", everyone knows who he is! Koo Ming Wa (Koo Lou) has recently made a breakthrough based on the role "So Gay" in TVB series Divas In Distress. On Facebook, there were over 61,000 supporters for him to get the "Best Supporting Actor" award at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards.

Koo Lou is a graduate from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. This time, he stole the limelight from the entire series. In the past, he received a nomination for "Best New Performer" at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in the film Sex Racecourse (1992). He is also a stage play actor and has done dubbing work. At TVB, Koo Lou often plays villains, criminals or rugged citizens.

Yesterday Sina (HK) started an 'One Like Per Person - Support So Gay To Get An Award' page on Facebook. In the episode where So Gay finds out his real identity, the scenes moved audience to tears and up until now, there are already over 61,000 people on Facebook that "Like" So Gay's character. Kou Lou's acting is being highly recognized! Netizens praised Koo Lou's excellent costumes and acting. He was able to have a 'gay' outer appearance and a feminine personality, but its not too over that it disgusts the audience. That is rare!

Source: Sina Entertainment, HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

For the recent award years, the award for Best Supporting Actor have been the most exciting for me because I consider it quite competitive. There are quite a few deserving candidates....and it's honestly hard to choose one. This award is also the award that I feel..had been given to the people who truly deserves it.

This year, I am supporting (so far); Koo Ming Wa, Ram Tseung, Lee Sing Cheung and Oscar Leung. Out of all of them though, only Koo Ming Wa and Oscar Leung had a catchy character....so I'm thinking that their chances would be higher than the other two. If I had to choose between Koo Ming Wa and Oscar? I think I'd choose Koo Ming Wa...since I think it was a rare chance for Koo Ming Wa to land on the role of So Gei, that managed to grab the audience attention. If he doesn't win with So Gei, I'm scared he may not get another "big" character like So Gei again in the future since he's often in really small roles...therefor, may not have the chance for the award later on.

So who do you guys support?!


AC said...

I'm rooting for Oscar to get the Most Improved Male award (w/ Mandy for female). For Supporting, I'd be happy if Koo Ming Wa got it although I'm rooting for Ram Tseung or Jazz Lam right now.

Rachel said...

i agree with you! even though i feel all the other ones deserve the supporting role award too, sadly i feel they have more of a chance in the future whereas this may be koo ming wa's one and only chance and he totally deserves it! So Gei is such a great character!!

and don't know if oscar is still considered for most improved, but would be nice to get that award! mandy too!! and if not oscar, maybe him law! hehe

lynne said...

Oh yes, Jazz Lam is good too :) As for Most Improved, same like Rachel, I think he's been in the industry too long for that? But I guess it's still possible, since Nancy won it too...after been in tvb for quite a few years right? I'd be happy him he does win it, because honestly...Oscar deserves an award!

I also root for Jazz Lam for Most Improved though, since GJ/GJ2 is the series that really made him shine...considering all his previous roles are loud/obnoxious. Him Law is also one of my considerations too :) And of course, Mandy Wong for Most Improved female!!! hehe :D

AC said...

I still think that Jazz Lam should have got Most Improved last year. They kinda wasted it on MC Jin since he mainly moved back to New York right?

I just know in some interviews that Oscar hopes to get the Most Improved award with Mandy this year so that's why I want that to happen. hehe. Oscar has been with TVB for many years but Pierre Ngo got the award after many years too. To me, it seems like Best Supporting goes to an older veteran while Most Improved Male goes to someone younger. If they put Oscar in this category, he has a high chance of winning. If not, I'm definitely going to root for Best Supporting for him.

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