2012 tvb awards random thoughts

Best Series
The Hippocratic Crush hands down! BUT...it does have some fierce competition in these upcoming months :)

Best Actor
So far, my vote goes to Raymond Wong, who delivered a solid performance in Bottled Passion! I also have high expectation for Damian Lau in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles too ;) Michael Mui will also get my attention since I loved him in Gun Metal Grey!

Base on popularity though, I think Kenneth Ma stands a high chance with this award since The Hippocratic Crush was quite successful. I personally think that Kenneth can wait a year or so though. I'm a big fan of his, but still think that there are times when his acting can be unstable...so a year or more will give him a good polish :)

Best Actress
As far as the series that have been released this year, I haven't got a "Best Actress" in mind yet. For the upcoming releases though, I'm definitely keeping my eyes out for Michelle Yim in The Confidant. Another catchy role includes Tavia Yeung's in Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles...who seems to have a very high chance of winning the award this year.

Best Supporting Actor
I've already talked about this. My support goes to Lee Sing Cheung, Koo Ming Wah, Ram Tseung and Oscar Leung.  All are worthy of the award.

Best Supporting Actress
My mind immediately came to Nancy Wu and Elena Kong, despite the fact that I have not seen them much this year :P

Most Improved Actor
My support goes to Jazz Lam, Oscar Leung, Edwin Siu and Him Law. I also like Matt Yeung...haha

Most Improved Actress
Gotta give it to Mandy Wong :)

My Favourite Male Character
Omg...so hard! How am I suppose to choose here? Q.Q

My Favourite Female Character
Unlike the male characters, barely any female characters made it to my "fav" list so far this year. I think the one I like best so far though is Ji Lam (Linda Chung) in Witness Insecurity :)

For the ones that I just listed a bunch of names...it's because I just couldn't choose T-T

So what are you opinions so far?:)


miriamfanz said...

I think the female crops are especially weak this year. It's been a year for the guys. Sorry if you think Raymond Wong will get Best Actor. They're just not gonna give it to him. Kenneth Ma probably won't win either. My bet is on Raymond Lam if his Happy Sir in Highs and Lows turns out good.

lynne said...

I totally agree....the females are quite weak this year. Oh...I don't "think" that Raymond Wong will get Best Actor....because I know tvb won't do that :P This post is about who I "want" to win x) haha.

Ah yes...Raymond Lam. I was going to mention him too...but eh. He does have a chance...but it seems so every single year....

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