What's Up?

1 - I am officially back in school!  Yay!  Haha why?  It's because it's my first year here and I'm really excited to explore this new school :)  I admit I am abit overwhelmed at the moment though.  Everything is just so....different.  New people, new environment and therefore new challenges.  So let's see how things will unfold in the next few weeks!

2 - AE-Experience.  I am sure that you guys have heard of this site and if you haven't, well let me tell you :)  AE stands for Asian Entertainment.  If you've visited TVB Interaction before, you would probably know it's talented webmistress, Iris.  She and her friend, Niki, opened AE-Experience awhile back.  It's not a website just for tvb fans, but for fans of k-pop, k-drama and c-pop as well.  Beside Iris and Niki, there are also a number of other contributors on the site. The list includes me.  Hehe I just recently joined the crew!  Besides the reviews that you guys can see here, I will also be posting my thoughts outside of tvb at AE-Experience, that won't be on TVB Horizon (such as k-pop stuff etc).  AE-Experience is very interesting site and if you have not check it out yet, please do :)  Thank you!

3 - Graphics Requests are still going on if you want a banner or something :)  And to those who had requested, I finished all the of them and they can be found here: http://tvb-horizon.blogspot.ca/2012/08/graphics-requests.html#comment-form

4 - Ongoing Polls on the sidebar.  It may seem like awhile until September ends, but time do tend to fly by much faster than we think!  So if you have not voted yet, please do :D

5 - So now some questions for you guys.  How is everybody doing?  Enjoying the recent tvb dramas?  Drowning in homework?  :D


Ginny said...

Heyy Lynne I want to request a banner :) I can do some but not as good as you and it takes me forever to do one xD So I'd like one for my Candy blog, size is 1000x350 pixels :) As for the pics, you can use random pics from her weibo ( http://photo.weibo.com/1779487233/talbum/index#!/mode/1 )
& can you plz write Candy Chang Forever on it, in Copperplate Ghotic Light writing? :) You can also add other writings if you have any ideas that fit the banner...like you sometimes do on yours :)
Thanks!! :)

* And to reply to your questions....yesss I'm already drowning in homeworks after two days of school...... -___- ughhhh I have no time for dramas anymore!

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