Detective Investigation Files 4 - The Final Case

**spoiler alert**
I'm serious....there's ALOT of spoilers

Roger's Revenge
Roger can be desribed as a 'heartless' character. There was a scene where he said the thing he hates the most is betrayal. When he was 13, his dad abandoned him and the gang leader was the one that saved him. That is the reason why he is very loyal to him and always listen to the gang leader. Even though he doesn't blink when killing a person, he holds great trust for his brothers (the leader and Louis).

Roger's revenge on Louis
Anne was Louis's (past) girlfriend and a ballet dancer. On the day that Louis and Anne planned to get married, Roger came in and kidnapped her. I think that was the reason for Louis's cold attitude toward people. Luckily Jessica came in and 'soften' his heart (which we will talk about later).

Why Revenge?
In the past, Louis worked as an undercover cop in the gangs. Roger was a member in the gang and treated Louis like a brother. When the gang leader suspected that Louis was a spy, Roger stood up for him and even took a shot in the hand for him. Sadly, because of his trust in Louis, his leader was killed and he wasn't able to use his right hand anymore.

Roger's Trust in Louis
Roger began to trust Louis when they were on their first mission together. They were having a gunfight with another gang triad and during the middle of the fight, they decided to separate and ran in different directions. Roger ran into a bunch of others and while he was shooting, his gun ran out of bullets. Luckily, Louis returned and shot the remaining guy there.

Roger and Anne
When Roger kidnapped Anne, Anne got hit by a car and her leg was amputated. Roger also began to fall for Anne and Anne told him that they could get away together and forget about what happened in the past. In truth, Anne didn't want Roger to hurt Louis and she also thinks that she didn't 'fit' with Louis anymore cause of her leg. For 3 years, she stayed with Roger because of that but when he found out the 'truth'............he went back to find Louis.

Roger's and Anne's Returns
Roger's first appeared as a client of Jessica! (...trouble alert!....) He told her how a friend betrayed him (*cough*Louis*cough*). Soon after that, Louis found out that Anne had returned! Upon her return, Louis's and Jessica's relationship starts shaking again......

Louis's Confession to Jessica
When Jessica knew that Anne had returned, she thought that Louis would choose to go back with Anne. And did he?? Course not! He explained to her that Anne was his past already and the person he chooses is her. (During this part, Louis still doesn't know what 'really' happened to Anne yet cause Anne didn't want to tell him about it.)

I thought this scene was really sweet cause it showed Louis's final decision was to choose Jessica. Happy for Jessica in this scene cause she finally knows that Louis was able to forget Anne. Sadly, their ending wasn't what I wanted.................when Louis figured out what really 'happened' to Anne.

The Truth Reveals
Roger lures Louis and Sunny into a trap. There were 2 buildings that they needed to enter and Louis went into the right one and Sunny went into the left building. In the building that Sunny went into, Roger already placed some bombs in there! Louis was devastated when he heard the explosion in Sunny's building. When he turned around to go back, Roger entered in with a gun. He told Louis that he wanted to make him feel how it's like to lose your best friend. He also made Louis think that Anne was dead and what happened during the past 3 years. He told him how Anne suffered while he was happily with Jessica.

At this moment, Louis hope was gone....and even wanted to kill himself....but Sunny suddenly kicked down their door! Louis was really surprised to see Sunny alive and even happier when Sunny told him that Anne was alive (Jessica saved her)! Of course, Roger was caught after that.

Heart-Breaking Moment at the Hospital
Louis went to the hospital right away to see Anne. At this moment, you can probably already guess what happens to Louis's and Jessica's relationship. Jessica was waiting for Louis outside of the hospital lobby. This scene felt really, really sad cause you could see that Jessica knew what was going to happen. She knew that Anne needed him more then she did and knows that Louis knew that too.

The part that really effected me was the part where Jessica joked that if she had one second to think if she should save Anne or not, maybe she wouldn't. At that moment, Louis said to her that he knows that she would never do that..........because she's the woman he loves. It was heart breaking to see how they looked at each other. I could tell how Jessica tried to hold back her tears but when Louis hugged her, her eyes began to fill up with tears. Then there comes the part that Jessica walked past him and out of the hallway! Everything about this scene was touching to see and definitely memorable.

First of, I hated how Louis and Jessica couldn't get together in the end even though you could still tell that they really loved each other. When Louis told Jessica that the person he chosed was her, you could tell that he loves her more then Anne. Sadly, because of what happened to Anne, he could not abandon her. Honestly though, if Louis did left Anne, it wouldn't be true to his character cause throughout the whole series, it always talk about how he couldn't let go of Anne. Of course, it would be a happy ending for Louis and Jessica but I think that the break-up made their relationship much more special then any other pairs I've seen.

Jessica: It was really interesting how she started out as a blind person. That was a good way to catch the audience's first impression. The idea for her character to be a psychologist really fits her. It made her character stronger and I really admire her for that. She's able to handle her emotions well and understood Louis's feelings.

Louis: His 'cold' attitude! It made me wonder more about his character and especially even more when Jessica entered into his life. I really like to see the changes that happened to him.

LJ: The highlight of the series for me? Definitely! From the moment he was assigned to protect/guard her to the moment where they got together then came the breakup. I always looked toward their scenes. There was one scene where Louis first realized how important Jessica was to him when he thought something happened to her. I remember the way he ran to find her and almost got hit by a car. Then the relief on his face when he saw her. It was so sweet how their eyes met at that part and the ways they ran the stairs to hug each other!

There was also another really sweet and sad moment. When Jessica was poisoned and had to go to the hospital. Louis wanted to go find Anne at that time but because of Jessica, he didn't. (At that moment, I wasn't sure if he would stay or not.....I would've strangle him if he did left!)

Their Song
Whenever sweet or sad moment happens between Louis and Jessica, there will always be this song playing in the background! I loved how the directors did this because whenever you hear the song, you know that it's something between LJ!!!

Roger's Case: This was my favourite case out of all. I think it's because since the start of the series, I've wondered what's going to happen between Louis and Jessica if Anne returned. That case answered my question and it was a bonus to see Roger's character. Roger was an interesting character to see with his past and friendship with Louis in the past. Engaging too when you don't know what he's planning. I actually thought that he would really kill Anne but in the end, he still gave her a chance to live. If he hadn't met Louis, maybe all these unfortunate things wouldn't happen.....

A post with Sunny is also going to be coming up^^


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