ATV's Vampire!!!

A post that isn't related to tvb today.

My Date with a Vampire!!
This vampire series from atv is from awhile ago (excluding the 3rd one). I think I saw them when I was around 6 or 7? I can't really remember but I do remember that I really love it!!

Basic Intro
Fong (Eric Wan) is a Chinese resistance fighter from the time of the Second Sino-Japanese War. In 1938, he was fighting with a Japanese lieutenant when they were interrupted by the appearance of the Vampire King. The two men and a boy named Fok Sung living the nearby village were bitten and they became vampires. These vampires are creatures that exist beyond the Three Dimensions (Heaven, Earth and Humanity) and, where all other beings, including animals, humans, deities and spirits, exist

In present-day 1998, Fong lives in Hong Kong under a new name. His physical appearance has not changed since 60 years ago. Fong works as a policeman and Fok Sung lives together with him as his "son", who currently attends primary school. Ma Siu-Ling is a ghostbuster from the Ma family, which has co-operated with the Mao family for generations in ridding the world of evil supernatural beings. Ma falls in love with Fong and they begin an epic love story which withstands the test of time
Credits Wikipedia

Why I watched them???
1) Modern Vampire! We always see vampires in the ancient era from tvb and I never really saw any 'modern' ones before this. It's interesting to have a change in vampires xD Of course you can always see the modern vampire in American's shows....but it's a little different in this show ^^;

2) My parents brought it home :P Haha, I wouldn't be able to watch any series if my parents didn't bring any home xD

Out of all the 3 sequels....the first one was probably the best!...2nd was good as well!....3rd one wasn't that great :( I'm really sorry for saying that but the 3rd one was just really confusing with the beginning and I found it kinda pointless in a way. I still found some good points in it though, but the first 2 are much better.

Let's start Singing!!!! The Themesongs!! I like the first one the best xD Really soothing...

My Date with a Vampire 1

My Date with a Vampire 2

I think I kind of mixed these 2 parts up when I was small. When I grew up...I thought some parts in part 2 was in part one and some parts of part one was in part 2. More specifically....I thought it was just one series! I did not know that there were 2 parts before I decided to re-watched them :P After every thing cleared up (a bit) for me though, I thought I like more parts (diff. storylines) in part 2 but I still think part 1 is the better one. Part 2 was a little bit long with some parts I thought were didn't like too. They made part 2 a tiny bit draggy but overall was still a good series.

My Date with a Vampire 3

Personal, the beginning was really confusing to me. It didn't make any sense when I started it but of course, I began to warm up to it and caught bits and pieces here and there. I remember how me and my sister was so, so, so happy that there was a third sequel out! After renting the first video and of course watched it, my dad said how we should stop renting the series!! Course that didn't and my sister against my father....2 against one = victory for us!! ;)

As mentioned, there were still parts that I did like in part 3! Something I really like is the music in here, sounded really nice. Also the family storyline...probably the thing I liked most about it. Something sad is the fact that there are barely any 'ghost-busting' sub-plots in here...if I remember correctly anyways. Personally, I thought that the story drags a lot in this part.

Is this all I'm gonna talk about? Course not xD I think I'm gonna do an individual post for each part cause there are different things I like about each and wanna talk about them. I have to go and take some screencaps first though.....


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