New series Anticipation!

Now this is my first actual post on Tvb. There are so many series that are yet to be release so I'm just going to tell you guys the first 5 I'm really anticipating for!

5) A Watchdog's Tale

Thoughts: Since I am a fan of Linda Chung, I can't really wait for this serie to air!! It seems like a funny serie and Steven is going to be playing a jerkish role (I think) and I like him in those kind of roles! I really want this serie to realease!

4) You're Hired

Thoughts: This serie seems to be a comedy serie and I LOVE comedy! I think I'm a bit childish and that is why I would watch every single comedy serie. Another reason for me to watch this serie is because of Dayo Wong! I'm just a huge fan of his in comedies^^ and also because I really like Charmaine too^

3) The Legend Of Pu Songling

Thoughts: The cast is enough reason for me to watch this serie! And also because its an ancient serie. I heard that Sunny is going to be playing an evil role and I hope its just not a dumb evil role but actual evil. I have to say that Fala look adorable in her fox costume!! It is just ay too cute><.

2)The Stars of Love

Thoughts: A big fan of Tavia!!! I just really love her acting and all. And I also think this is going to be a very interesting serie since it talks about horoscopes and stuff like that. I don't think tvb had release any serie like this so it is refreshing. I really wish that Tavia and Steven will end up together though. I also saw this clip at youtube where they were filming at Disneyland and can't wait to see the actual scene in the serie^^

1) Beyond the Realm of Conscience

Thoughts: This serie is probably many's most anticipated serie! It is also the same for me. I just can't wait to see this serie!! This will be Tavia's first evil role and I just can't wait to see it><. All the costumes in here are also really gorgeous. I have really high hopes for this serie and I know it won't let me down!

*All pictures credits to: TVB: A Way of Thinking


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