[Comments] TV Awards Presentation 2017

Best Series
"My Ages Apart"

Comment: I am glad that 'My Ages Apart' received the award. For a 50 episode drama, I was pleasantly surprised at how it remained entertaining until the very end. It was quirky, comedic and engaging throughout the whole drama. I remember laughing out loud at a few parts of the series and honestly, I have not done so with a TVB drama in awhile :) The whole cast also gave a great performances with a group of endearing characters. I personally loved Moses and his random spurts of English, along with Paris' ditzy but pure-hearted character. The trio of Bobby, Moses and Louis was also a charismatic bunch to watch whenever they appeared together.

My memorable mentions for 2017? The other hot contestant for best series in the media was 'The Exorcist's Meter'. Honestly I would've been happy if this drama won as well. While 'My Ages Apart' kept me entertained on every episode, the latter was endearing, emotional and managed to pull a few of my heartstrings. In particular, the music scores in here were especially memorable.

My personal runner-ups for this year would also include 'Destination Nowhere' and 'My Dearly Sinful Mind'. Kristal Tin and Kevin Cheng were just great in their roles in 'Destination Nowhere'. Honestly, Kristal Tin performance in here should've earned her the Best Actress award as it was phenomenal in my opinion. As for the drama itself, story was engaging and the anticipation to see how it would unfold was rewarding. For 'My Dearly Sinful Mind', I found Kenneth Ma's character so odd with the obsession over his girlfriend's death but rather enjoyable as he began to find more clues to his questions. Grace Wong's character in here was especially intriguing to watch and was probably the highlight for me.

Anything else? I did not watch 'Tiger Mom Blues' or 'Legal Mavericks', where both series were very popular as well.

Best Actor
Vincent Wong ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: I did not watch 'Legal Mavericks' and so cannot comment on Vincent's performance in here. On the other hand though, he has been a very capable and dependable actor so I am very happy for his win! Personally a fan hehe :D

Special mentions for this year? Moses Chan in 'My Ages Apart'? I personally loved him in there and thought he did a great job. After so many bad roles, I'm so glad to see him taking on a more interesting role. He does so well in roles that has a mixture of comedy and drama.

Best Actress
Natalie Tong ("My Unfair Lady")
Comment: Wait what? I thought she was a supporting actress in there? It is so sad how few real contenders there are in the Best Actress sector, whether it's this year or prior years. Kristal Tin hands down got my vote for this award.

Most Popular TV Male Character
Kenneth Ma ("The Exorcist's Meter")
Comment: Yups, can't argue here haha

Most Popular TV Female Character
Sisley Choi ("Legal Mavericks")
Comment: Interesting...was her character popular from here? My personal favs are Moon Lau in 'The exorcist's Meter', Grace Wong in 'My Dearly Sinful Mind' and Ali Lee in 'My Ages Apart'.

Best Supporting Actor
Joel Chan ("The Unholy Alliance")
Comment: cool

Best Supporting Actress
Rebecca Zhu ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")
Comment: I just can't anymore....I am not happy with any of the female recipients this year.

Most Improved Male Artiste
Mat Yeung ("My Dearly Sinful Mind", "Bet Hur", "Love and Construction", "All Work No Pay Holidays (Sr.2)")
Comment: Interesting...he've been acting way too long for this award I think haha. Was definitely expecting Matthew Ho cause there was just so much rave over him.

Most Improved Female Artiste
Mayanne Mak ("Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2017", "Sammy on the Go", "Line Walker: The Hunting Game", "TVB Anniversary Gala")
Comment: Who is she? Q.Q

Most Popular TV Partnership
Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho & Matthew Ho ("A General, a Scholar and a Eunuch")

Most Popular Series Song
到此一遊 ("The Exorcist's Meter") - Hubert Wu
Comment: I have it downloaded onto my phone so yes, I approve of this award haha

Global Netizens Favourite Series
"The Exorcist's Meter"
Comment: yehhhh

***List of awards and recipients credit: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.ca/

Over Run Over: Vincent Wong's and Tracy Chu's Confessions

(Long overdue post and more to come cause I absolutely fell in love with this drama haha)

Vincent Wong and Tracy Chu is absolutely adorable together!  Their relationship did not reach its romantic point until the last few episodes, but it did not feel rushed at all.  From foes to friends and then into something more, I personally really liked how their relationship spanned out through the series and how it remained on the sideline without distracting the overall plot.  Despite that though, their romance became the most touching element of the series.  It's been awhile since tvb managed to tug my heart like how they did in Over Run Over and lets say, I am genuinely surprised.

Vincent isn't perfect, like k-drama perfect but he still caught my heart and obviously, Tracy's as well.  The two started off as bickering enemies but was forced to work together to find the black cop.  As the two work together, Tracy is beginning to see him more than a friend:
Tracy: Yes, he has a foul mouth, is sneaky and messy...but he also have a kind heart. He is very good to his brothers, a filial son, a devoted man. Because of you, he is willing to do anything. He has given up a lot. Men like him are rare nowadays, if you've found him, you shouldn't let go. 
Christine: If you say he's that great, why don't you take him. 
Tracy: If I have a boyfriend like him, I will definitely cherish him.
The level of awkwardness that Tracy is feeling...7/10.  It's an indirect confession haha.

Tracy's engagement day and Vincent sent her a necklace as an engagement gift.  The necklace is the one that day spotted at a shop before where the clerk mistook them for a couple.

First off may I say that Tracy looked amazing in the white dress!!  She is super pretty!!  It's rare to see her smile cause she is always so grumpy in here, but she smiled so happily when she saw the necklace :)

Since she sensed that Vincent is in danger, she headed over to him instead of her engagement party.  During the conflict with the black cop, an explosive knocked Vincent and Tracy down.  In critical condition, Tracy hauled Vincent back to the power lines before the midnight in order to travel back in time and save him.  On the way back, she reveals how important he is to her.

Back to day 1 (time travelled back), Vincent ran straight to Tracy to tell her he loves her.

This is probably one of the cutest scene, especially since he ran to her in his pyjamas :D The smile on Tracy's face was so genuine and expressed how much she loves him.  Haha they're both adorable together.

[Thoughts on Episode 1] Click Link Here

[Thoughts] Over Run Over Episode 1

The series started off with Vincent Wong's narration, "have you ever promised someone you would never leave them but you couldn't do it?" He spoke about how it may be idealistic to have the chance to change certain things of the past but in the end, these things were all fated to happen. In the end, you may be able to change certain things but cause changes in others and you are all left alone with memories. The narration continues on as he apologize to Tracy Chu for not loving her soon enough and how much he regret it.

After the narration, the series shifted to the present day of April 1st. EU sergeant, Ling San Fung (Tracy Chu), and her team encountered 4 criminals in the middle of the night. The group escaped and while San Fung try to locate them again, she is repetitively interrupted by the village chief, Kwan Ding Ming (Vincent Wong). Towards the end, the crew managed to corner the four criminals and a shoot out occurred. After the confrontation, San Fung found her dad dead among the rubble.

San Fung spotted the criminal and was following him until she was knocked over by Ding Ming's car.  Funny thing is, the criminal was about to pull the gun on her but he stopped because of the crash.

San Fung's friends, Lee Chi Ting (Zoie Tam) and Ho Siu Mei (Moon Lau).  Chi Ting is a reporter and Siu Mei is a model.  Is it just me of does Zoie Tam kind of resemble Myolie Wu in here?  Is it the haircut?

San Fung spotted the criminal again at the village celebration and as she raced after him, she ran into Ding Ming in the men's restroom.  It is quite obvious that he is somehow involved, but how...?  He always appear at the same place as criminal and San Fung.

San Fung was crying (because of her father's death) when one of her team mates, Chan King Wai (Pal Sinn) came over to console her.  He told her that it is painful to lose someone close to you, but soon she'll be able to adapt to the pain.  More so, he said that some things are meant to happen and no matter what she does, it will still happen.  Seems like he know about the time travelling events.  His character is quite intriguing to watch because it seems like he know more than what is shown.  As of right now, San Fung just think of him as a teammate who does not sincerely care for his job and I am interested in why he came out to be so.

Warped back in time.  This episode led off to a very good start.  Time travelling can be messy, so I hope it doesn't get out of hand.  Nonetheless, I will be chasing down this drama for Tracy Chu and Vincent Wong :P  btw the title is just horrible and makes no sense.

[Thoughts] Under the Veil - Katy Kung and Stanley Cheung

So aside from the three main couples, there is also Katy Kung and Stanley Cheung.  Katy Kung portray a princess who fell in love with the crown prince.  She then got cursed and became a bird that follows him around.  Personally, I found their story to be quite interesting...if it had more time to develop, I'd love to see more!  I really wanted to see more scenes between them where Katy was the bird...love her bird character more so than the princess xD

Oh may I add this comment...while many say that the CGI is pretty horrible, I do agree for the ocean parts (and the pathetic end battle in the sand =.=) but others were quite well done.  Like the magical power effects, the birds etc were nice.  One thing that I really wish was for more fighting scenes...such a pity that only the first story had some fights but not much actually happen afterwards.  I will be writing more later about the three main stories in a shorter review.
The crown prince (Stanley Cheung) first met Princess Lap Ka when the people of her nation came over to discuss the relationship between the two nations.  He fell for her that night and the next day, when she was about to leave with her father, he wanted to ask her to marry her.  Unfortunately she wrote him off and told him when he have the power to talk, he can talk to her later (the two nations got into a dispute).  So she left.

(Both of them really regretted what they said that day.  The prince regretted not being straightforward enough to ask her to stay and Princess Lap Ka regretted now giving him the chance to say what he was about to say.  She really wanted to know what he wanted to say and that's how near the end of the story, she will be doing everything she can to turn back time to that single moment.)
Later the crown prince decided to go find her but rumours said that her nation has been completely wiped out by the devil their people worshipped.  When he arrived there, the whole nation was gone but he spotted a statue that looks like Princess Lap Ka.  Stuck in the desert, all his men died and the crown prince struggled to bring back the statue by himself.  He soon couldn't handle and when he fell down, he illusion Princess Lap Ka calling to him and a bird appeared out of nowhere.  This bird then stayed with him till he got back to his country.  This is why he think that the bird (he named it Shiu Loi Fung) is a reincarnation of Princess Lap Ka.

Whenever the crown prince is about to get hurt by the snake demon, Loi Fung would always be there.  One day he was attacked and fell into the water.  Loi Fung attempted to go into the water to search for him but of course she could not because she is a bird.

At this time, we find out that she was cursed to be in the stone by the demon her nation worshipped before but she was the only one who could survive.  Since they Guanyin has been looking after her.  She then asked Guanyin why she was the only one who survived and that she would've rather died that they if she had known she would be all alone.  When she met the crown prince again, she was happy enough being by his side even as a bird.

Honestly, I love Katy Kung and feel that she can be more promoted than she is now.  She is a dependable actress and I love watching her scenes.  Eliza was super cute as the carp, but I wonder how Katy would be like if she got that role instead...
So....the crown prince did not die in the sea.  Instead, Guanyin embedded him in the rocks and decided to let his fate determine whether he dies or not.  Loi Fung can't do anything about it and so she set off to find his friend, Fung Sam (Kristal Tin), to help set him free.

After contacting Fung Sam and getting her bird friends to help bring him to the place where the crown prince is, Loi Fung promised Guanyin to fly around the sun and moon a thousand times in order to get back that one moment she regretted.
She managed to do it and they were able to share that one moment they missed out last time.  He asked her if she was willing to be his wife and she immediately replied yes, saying that she will stay with him for eternity.  Just as they held out their hands, her body began to disappear into flames...caused by flying around the sun and moon a thousand times.

I was at least hoping to see them hug or...at least hold hands!!!  But she disappeared before that even happened Q.Q  How sad....
The crown prince woke up to find out that she (Princess Lap Ka/Loi Fung) is gone...I thought that Calvin was impressive in this scene.  Haha in some scenes he would have emotions but others not so much xD  Man...Bosco Wong is worse though no?  I usually love him but as a scholar...whose personality is dead pan boring, there isn't so much life in his acting either.  So sad...
Yah....so pretty lols.  Haha did you guys like their story?  Personally I think a big part of why I like the story so much is credited to Katy Kung...