Photoshop Time!

Helllllooooooo!  For those of you who are curious, I am still alive and watching Never Dance Alone.  It's been so quiet in the tvb blogging world lately, so it's kinda lonely blogging lols

Anyways, decided to dig up photoshop and made some posters for you guys!  Tell me if you like them or not AND do COMMENT below which artistes you'd like to see together in the future series.  I'll hopefully make a poster of them together for you ;D

Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui?  These two have not pair up before right?
EDIT: I take it back, I just remember they paired together in....La Femme Desperado? I's that series where Kenneth is the sushi chef and Kate wanted to be his discipline.

Unlike the other two, this fanmade poster is about an OFFICIAL series that tvb will be filming.  Casts include Damien, Liza, Alex and Linda!  A blockbuster.  Though the story/plot isn't revealed yet, I am still excited! hehe

Ahh....I was going to put Kate Tsui in here but found no satisfying picture that matched Ruco's.  Came across the beautiful picture of Linda though and it matched perfectly ;D


Rachel said...

yayyyy! glad to see you're still alive and well! hahah :) the graphics are so pretty!! really like Ruco & Linda! Alex and Linda will be a frehs pairing.
i definitely miss reading more tvb blog posts, maybe it's been quiet since nothing was airing except M Club (journey to the west doesn't count =P) will you be watching the Ultimate Addiction? it seems pretty exciting..or at least more so than the current dramas

i would really like to see Tavia and Niki in a drama together! ahaha other than the fact that i like them both a lot and they share the same birthday, don't really have a reason why lol

ohhhh and since i like these two soo much, Fred & Oscar!!! it's been wayyy too long!

Lynne said...

Hey there Rachel! Thanks for always commenting haha

I will be watching the Ultimate hopefully it is good haha. ugh....I am not use to having only one series airing (since we're excluding Journey to the West and it's sooooooo long!).

Okies!!! Will definitely do some posters of them :D

Annisa said...

Very nice. You have improved a lot over time. Really like the choice of fonts.

love_of_tvb (BERMO and BOSCOLIE) said...

Actually, Kate and Kenneth have been paired up in: Speech of Silence and Man in Charge.

Lynne said...

@Annisa: Thank you! :D

l@ove_of_tvb: Oh yah!!! I remember now! thanks haha

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