[News] Lawrence Ng Fell For Ada Choi: I Had Thought of Pursuing Her

Lawrence Ng entered the industry in 1983 after graduating from the 12th TVB Artistes Training Class. He started off playing villains and later switched to professional roles, such as doctors or strong businessmen. Lawrence frankly expressed he can fall for someone easily and therefore has had several rumors in the past with his co-stars. He was first rumored with his classmate Yammie Lam, then with Ada Choi in 1998 from Healing Hands, 2002 with Iva Law from Fate Twisters. Ada Choi's rumor drew the most attention. Although the two never officially developed a relationship, Lawrence admitted he really did fall in love with her!

LAWRENCE: "In 1998 I was shooting producer Gary Tang's Healing Hands. I portrayed neurosurgeon Dr. Ching Chi Mei (Paul), the role was very well-received and the pairing with Ada Choi was very popular. That year we won the Best On-Screen Partners award at the anniversary and even in 2001, we won the 'My Favorite On-Screen Partners' award for Healing Hands II. The pairing was well accepted and my "relationship" with Ada was even more expected.

Working with Ada, we really do indeed have a lot of chemistry, many people asked me if I developed actual feelings for her? At the time, neither of us were married yet, I saw she was a beautiful girl and pretty nice, I really did think about it! At the time, we continued collaborating in a few more times in other series and became friends. A couple starts off as friends, then develop mutual admiration and finally develop into deep love.

Although I am an actor, to me, acting and reality are actually about the same. Once the cameras start rolling, I treat it as if its real. In the series, I really did fall for Ada, but in real life she's actually very rough and mean, very much like a "big woman". Off screen, I really did have the feeling like love sparked, I really thought of pursuing her! Back then when we were in Files of Justice V, we were already playing a couple, then the second and third time was in Healing Hands. We slowly came into more contact, but Ada was upset because she said I only started talking to her after the second or third time we collaborated! That time, it was difficult to get out of character for me, perhaps I really had the feeling. I thought...actually Ada really isn't that rough after all! At the time, I didn't tell her [about the feelings]... I didn't have the courage to tell her! I have to really think about it first... we were initially good colleagues and if this ruins the relationship, that wouldn't be good! In the end, because I was afraid of damaging the relationship, the feelings eventually faded!

Then in Healing Hands III, we had already become very good friends. When Ada got married, she invited me to her wedding and usually when I come back to Hong Kong, I would go visit her too because I'm familiar with her husband (Max Zhang) too! We collaborated in a Mainland drama before, at the time the producer told me they were dating. I can say I watched them date and I'm happy that she found her Mr. Right. At the time, I also met my current wife (Sek Yeung Chi). Many fans have asked me about my "feelings" for Ada, and I have said it before on Weibo. Ada responded to me too, she said luckily I didn't actually liked her, otherwise I would be in such misery! Haha!

In 2002, when I collaborated with Iva Law in Fate Twisters, we developed feelings after seeing each other day and night. However, we were only together for a year. In between, I went to Beijing for work and found another girl, who was even more suitable for me. Unexpectedly the media started saying that I was a three-timer and called prostitutes. I was very upset, it was really hard to take. In the end, we broke up because of this incident."

Ada responded to Lawrence's confession that he did have feelings for her in the past. She said: "Of course I felt it. Actually I had several pursuers in this industry, I know clearly who I can only be friends with. After all, I won't risk losing my friendships!"

As Lawrence's good friend, Ada frankly expressed they have differences in their personalities, "It may not be his problem, it could be my problem. And I wanted to find a Christian boyfriend! (Convert him?) No, Lawrence was Christian too, but he later converted to Buddhism. But, Lawrence is a very loyal friend, he's a great friend. One time a PA asked us if he could borrow some money from us, but he sounded like he was lying to me, so I didn't agree to lend him the money. Lawrence, on the other hand, did lend him the money. Later, I asked Lawrence why he did that? Lawrence said the most important is to help the person first! So, I think he's a wonderful person!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts:  Reading this reminded me of how Steven Ma said that he also had a crush on Ada Choi back then :D haha


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