2013 Sales Presentation Clips - part 1

*****Clips credits ihktv, tiancai34@youku and hyn5

Rosy Business III (巾幗梟雄3)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Eric Li, Susan Tse, Joseph Lee, KK Cheung

Even though was not particularly interested in the series at first, the trailer is not bad.  Quite intrigue with the double Wayne :P  As for Myolie, it is so odd seeing her in a pre-modern drama!  Or should I say it has just been so long since her last one!  To be honest, I am most interested in seeing Edwin...

As for the title, I hope that it's only for marketing purposes.  I don't consider this as a franchise of Rosy Business...

Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon (寒山潛龍)
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, Kenny Wong, Aimee Chan, Priscilla Wong

The animations are absolutely horrid!  Same goes to the costume!  As for the story, not as bad as the other factors.  If they have to film this though, 90% of the trailer (ie. costume, effects cast) have to be changed :P  Lols I doubt that tvb will actually do it though.

Seems like tvb is venturing out of ancient dramas and heading towards pre-modern.  Probably because of budget issues?  Not only that, most of the ladies don't really have the "ancient" look.

As for there recent pre-modern series, let's just say that I appreciated them much more before.  Just in the recent series, The Last Steep Ascent, I can recognize almost every building in there =.=  Thank goodness they actually spent some budget on Silver Spoons, Sterling Shackles since it was a grand production.

Transfer of Love Firm (傳愛事務所)
Cast: Moses Chan, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Christine Ng, Evergreen Mak, Jason Chan, Matt Yeung, Susan Tse, Sire Ma, Samantha Ko, Lin Xiawei

With such a cast, I did not expect this series to be a comedy.  Even from the info before, nothing mentioned it to be a comedy right?  Either way, I do wish that Wayne Lai will play a comedic/light -hearted character (he've been too serious since Rosy Business) since I love him in comedies, but I do hope that Moses will have a more serious role.

And where was Christine Ng?  Q.Q

One-Sided Love Twins (單戀雙城)
Cast: Aimee Chan, Lin Xiawei, Tony Hung

This felt like a love story between two girls.  And hey!  The guy in here is Tony Hung!?  Apparently tvb wants to promote him to siu sang status next year...even though we could not even see his face in here.

I actually wouldn't mind this series if it involves more new stars.  Could be a Sunday series to promote the newbies a little since tvb use to have series like that before (ie. Aqua Heroes, Hearts of Fencing)  Those small series often comes out to be light-hearted and enjoyable to watch as you see all the refreshing yong faces.  

Food For Slaves (食為奴)
Cast: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Benjamin Yuen, Susan Tse

I'd love to see Ron in a comedy.  Honestly, he've been typecasted into those stubborn/hot-headed guys so much that it's getting on my nerves.  Even though he might have destroyed his image with the scandals and such, I though his acting improved in L'Escargot.

I personally don't think they'll film this, but if they do, I will look forward to it.  I want to see Nancy Wu in a fighting role Q.Q

Sniper Attack 2013 (神槍狙擊2013)
Cast: Michael Tse, Kate Tsui, Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow, Alice Chan
Eddie Cheung, Kathy Chow and Alice Chan!!!!  Especially because it's Alice's first series with tvb, this is a must see!  With fadans lacking, I really hope that Alice Chan will be more promoted :)


miriamfanz said...

Of the series in this post (and all the sales pres clips), I'm most excited for Rosy Business 3. Even without Sheren, it looks to be an epic drama. Of course, with Sheren will be better, but glad they chose Myolie of all the fadans. I think she would be the one that has best chance of pulling it off.

Also want to see Sniper Attack 2013 - with the black cop storyline, sounds like Tiger Cubs x Highs and Lows. lol, maybe Michael Tse is undercover cop again?

The Moses x Wayne drama - yeah, I'm surprised it will be a comedy too. I personally don't like Moses in comedies cause he does that high-pitch voice that is annoying. And TVB is doing a lot of legal dramas lately. But I'll probably still watch it since I like legal dramas :P

The rest I'm not too interested in, maybe give will give Food for Slaves a try if they actually film it.

Huy Tran said...

^ i agree with most anticipation on Rosy Business 3! and choosing Myolie as the next lead actress! the sales presentation looks so epic.

i don't really watch modern series, but as a fan of Moses and Wayne, i'm now going to watch Transfer of Love Firm as well.

to be frank, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon.. looks awful, but i'll watch it anyway cos it's a fantasy drama.

this is probaaaaaably all i'm watching on TVB this year :/

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