Starhub Awards 2014 - Fashion Comments

Taking a selfie at the ceremony :)
Starhubs once again held their annual tvb award ceremony about a week ago? I'm not too outdated haha. Anyways, here's the usual fashion comments I have for the ladies! You can also view my old post for 2013's ceremony.

Best Dress:  Singaporean Actress with her goldfish dress
Worst Dress:  Lin Xia Wei in her night gown

What are your thoughts?

Lin Xia Wei (Rosina):  Hmm..the dress looks like a night gown.  So sad.  As for why Lin Xia Wei was there (I was surprise to see her), it's because the themesong she sung for Outbound Love won the favourite tvb themesong award.  Honestly, I am surprise.  I didn't know the song is so popular! 

Linda Chung:  Linda won "My Favourite TVB Female Character" and "Most Beautiful Artiste".  Honestly not a fan of Kai Kei but I am still happy for Linda.  As for her dress, that it quite a horrendous choice.  The fabric pattern is too busy.  At first, I only saw the top half of the dress and initially thought it was a cheongsam.  At that moment, I was thinking that it would be really beautiful!  Unfortunately it turned out to be a baggier dress.  Meh.   

Eliza Sam:  Eliza won the "TVB Most Improved Artiste" award.  Her dress is definitely one of the better dresses of the night.  Though simple, it does look gorgeous on her.  I also am a big fan of the colour yellow, it's such a bright and cheerful colour that is not often worn and so I'm glad to see it on Eliza.

Nancy Wu:  Nancy won the "My Favourite TVB Female Character" award for her role in "The Ultimate Addiction".  I'm neutral towards her dress.

Singaporean Actress:  Dang, I don't know who she is but all I got to say is that she was the best dress of the night!!  I absolutely adore her dress!  Love the mixture of the red and white and overall, the structure of the dress.  It's translucent white fabric with the red really reminds me of a goldfish :)  So pretty.

Kristal Tin:  Kristal won the "My Favourite Female Character" award for her role in Black Heart White Soul.  Personally her dress was a bit all the other dresses besides the goldfish dress.  

Kate Tsui:  Kate won the "My Favourite Female Character" for her role in Bounty Lady.  I initially really liked Kate's look but after looking it more closely, I probably liked it because Kate had her hair down and curled.  I love it when she curls and let down her hair.  The dress though, I am not a big fan of.  It's alright.  Personally do not like the way the black strap are positioned...

Charmaine Sheh:  Charmaine won the "My Favourite Female Character" for her role in Line Walker and "My Favourite TVB Actress".  I'm so happy Charmaine won both of these awards.  Well deserved.  On the other hand, I am so dissapointed that Raymond did not get a fav character award for his role in Line Walker :(  Anyways, back to Charmaine's dress.  I'm neutral, nothing exciting but not to absurd either.

Sharon Chan:  Sharon won the "Favourite Supporting Actress" award.  So...Sharon is quite popular in Singapore?  I personally do not agree with this award....not one single bit.  As for Sharon's dress, it reminds me of a ballerina dress.  I think the dress is cute, but the style (showing off the legs) is getting old for Sharon.  She need to wear other kind of dresses...


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