A Time of Love in SINGAPORE - Synopsis, Trailers, Official Screencaps

Thoughts: The trailer for this looks the least interesting out of the four.  Maybe cause it was too dramatic; not a fan of the slow motions :P  Either way, I'm kinda excited to see Charmaine back on screen!  It's been quite awhile right?  

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A TIME OF LOVE IN SINGAPORE [Broadcast: February 2, 2014]
Theme: Metropolis
Theme Song: Pause (休止符) by Jinny Ng [Get It]
Starring: Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Chris Tong, 6 Wing, Born Li

Synopsis: Singapore creation company's female high executive CRYSTAL (Charmaine Sheh) received a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend. When she was thinking about whether she should go, she coincidentally encountered a young employee OSCAR (Kenneth Ma), who had just transferred to Singapore from Hong Kong. CRYSTAL used her authority to force OSCAR to be her partner and accompany her to the wedding, so she can upset her ex-boyfriend! Unfortunately, the two encountered a chain of misunderstandings along the way. OSCAR thought CRYSTAL was bring a bag full of dangerous weapons to the wedding, and the two ended up at the police station! OSCAR later saw the soft side of his authoritative female superior and realized she had her weakness towards love too. When the two were released from the police station, the wedding was already over, but CRYSTAL still insisted that they go meet her ex-boyfriend, OSCAR had no other choice but to continue being her partner...(aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/)

TRAILER (credit tvb.com):

OFFICIAL SCREENCAPS (credit http://starphoto.joinbbs.net and tvb.com)


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