A Time of Love in MALAYSIA - Synopsis, Trailers, Official Screencaps

Thoughts: I need the eng sub or viet dub for this to release ASAP because the trailers look so damn good!  Will be a very emotional watch.

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A TIME OF LOVE IN MALAYSIA [Broadcast: January 26, 2014]
Theme: Tragedy // Theme Song: Not to Forget Love (愛莫忘) by Joyce Cheng [Get It]
Starring: Kate Tsui, Chris Wang, James Wen

Synopsis: A car accident took away SHAN (Kate Tsui) memory, even the one she loved! The only thing she knew was SING (Chris Wang) risked his life to rescue her from the accident. Because of the rescue, SING had trouble walking and cost him his career as a racer. It was also because of this accident, SHAN and SING developed a romantic relationship and eventually moved in together. The couple had a sweet heart warming life together, SHAN thought SING was the love of her life and the two decided to get married. The couple spent a few days preparing for their wedding, but then SHAN encounters her Taiwanese ex-boyfriend HO (James Wen). HO said SHAN was his ex-girlfriend and took her to many different places that looked familiar to her...(aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/)

TRAILER (credit tvb.com):

OFFICIAL SCREENCAPS (credit http://starphoto.joinbbs.net)


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