A Time of Love in JAPAN - Synopsis, Trailers, Official Screencaps

A TIME OF LOVE IN JAPAN [Broadcast: February 16, 2014]
Theme: Cartoon
Starring: Wong Cho Lam, Naomi Watanabe, Arron Yan, Ben Wong

Synopsis: CHAN DAI TIN (Arron Yan) is from Taiwan, he flew to Japan because he wanted to know the secret of the 300 year old fruit shop "Wadaya". In Japan, he went around looking for Wadaya's 10th generation descendant YOSHIKO WADA (Naomi). Unexpectedly when TIN got to Wadaya, he was surprised to see YOSHIKO was actually a fat and ugly girl. YOSHIKO had to follow her family tradition of marrying before age 30 otherwise "Wadaya" will end in her second Uncle's hands! To prevent this from happening, YOSHIKO set the terms with TIN, she wanted him to pretend he's married to her until she turns 30...(aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/)

OFFICIAL SCREENCAPS (credit tvb.com)


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