[Filming] Property Protector - Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung

I am seriously outdated with the filming series. Used to remember all their names but had to manually search them up now :P Anyways, I came by this picture of "Property Protector" and WOW, it is such a beautiful scene right?  I wonder if they shot this in a pool or something?  Anyways, just from the picture, I can tell it'll be one touching scene (reminds me of Country Spirit actually).  Can't wait to see Steven and Tavia together again!  THEY ALWAYS HAVE A BAD ENDING when paired up, so crossing my fingers for a happy ending this time around!



Summer said...

Oh , the pictures make me feel is a sad romantic love scene of Tavia and Steven MA, again bad ending ??? no kua.. they're always bad ending .. never watch a sweet ending for tis couple b4 !!

lynne said...

I know right!!!!!!!! TVB better give them a good one this time around or else I'll be pissed >< Can't take anymore bad endings for them!

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