[News] Moses Chan's and Aimee Chan's Wedding

Moses Chan Loves Queen Aimee to Death Tears Up at Wedding Banquet
Moses Chan and Aimee Chan held their wedding banquet on July 17th at 8pm at the Legend Chinese Restaurant in Toronto. That night, Aimee was treated like a queen, Moses held his pregnant wife's hand the entire time and took great care of her. The couple flew around the restaurant stopping by at each of their guests' tables to take pictures with them. Moses stood by Aimee's side the entire night and when he smiled, there were tears in his eyes. When the couple went on stage to make their speeches, Aimee emotionally teared up, while Moses embraced her tightly. He said their baby is comforting Aimee, then he took a tissue out to wipe her tears away. Aimee smiled sweetly in response.

A heartwarming slideshow of "Double Chan" pictures were shown to the guests and they had a singer perform on stage to accompany the warm atmosphere. When the passionate feelings came, the couple couldn't help themselves for a kiss, then the guests wanted more and demanded them to kiss some more.

The wedding banquet had 16 tables. Double Chan had two round bars of handmade gift soap for each guests, the soaps had "with love" written on them. The banquet's decorations were simple with a red carpet for the newly weds and their guests to take pictures on and 5 bodyguards. Double Chan hired a production company to come take instant pictures for the guests; the background printed "I Love You" in several different languages from many different countries. The design is simple, but has a fairytale feel to it. They also autographed thank you cards for their guests.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

Thoughts: Not only am I behind on the dramas, I am so behind on the news to right?

Anyways, would love to congrats Moses and Aimee....Didn't think they'd tie the knot so soon, but I'm so happy to see them so happy :) Both have happily found their other half and will be continuing their next stage in life, best wishes to the couple!


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