Awfully Lawful Episode 1 - Introduction

I've already watched 10 episodes into Awfully Lawful and find the series very entertaining so far! The wonderful chemistry and interactions between the four main leads always caused me to laugh here and there. Haha hopefully it won't disappoint and will remain enjoyable for the remainder episodes.

Roger Kwok is our main character, Solo. He's not interactive with others and is blunt with his words, but these are the reasons that makes him a funny character to watch. Starting off the series, he appeared the covers in a vampire costume. Lol the fact that he said he've just come back from a party (Christmas party since it's Christmas time) cracked me up :P Love how his costume contradicts the purpose of the party haha. And then to hear him complain about the holidays:
"I don't understand why people want to celebrate Christmas. They turn on the lights and the music even when they're on holiday. Who's going to see the lights? Who's going to listen to the music? There's no parking space on the street. There are no available tables in the restaurants. The crime rate goes up. Men get women pregnant. Women letting men get them pregnant. The birth rate this September and October will break the record again. People will scramble for beds in the hospitals. The student should be locked up in school. Whenever they're on holiday they'd run around on the streets. My heater is broken and the repairmen are off of work. Please tell me if Santa Clause can fix my heater for me....*giant sneeze*. Even the doctors are on their leave. What is there to celebrate?"
Am I the only one who find him so amusing? I swear, I'm only writing these posts for Awfully Lawful because of him :P

On his outing, Solo received a few phone calls from his buddies; Fish(Johnson Lee), Jazz(Pal Sin) and Ming Sir (Raymond cho). Talking about Fish, he's working out at the gym to impress his wife and asked Solo to lend him money for the program expenses. Lol Solo doesn't lend money so too bad for Fish. The next phone call is from Jazz. At the music store, Solo saw an album of Jazz from when he was a singer back in the days. He started to tease Jazz that he've seen the exact album (with the same crack) last year, and told Jazz that he'll come back next Christmas to see whether it'll be there then or not. Haha I laughed when Jazz ordered him to buy the album lols

The last phone call is from Ming Sir and his wife, Joyce Tang. Haha Solo bought their kids a pair of toy guns as Christmas presents and thus, resulted in a messed up house. When talking to the kids over the phone, the kids said how they're going to complain to Santa Clause about Solo (the reason why their mom is yelling at them). Solo in reply bluntly told them that Santa Clause doesn't while he did this on the phone, he also indirectly told every other kid who were standing near him. They all started crying :P

Though brief, the three conversations gave a nice insight on the four men's personality. Fish is the typical character who's afraid of his wife. Jazz is then the man who continously tries to chase after his dreams even when he looks like it's going nowhere...basically, very devoted to music and acting. Ming Sir is the nice family man who spends Christmas with his wife and lovely children. As for Solo, his name already indicates who he is haha.

Still at the mall, Solo saw a baby in a basket.  First of all, the baby is suppose to be fake (statue of baby Jesus) and when he thought it looked so real, he was curious and went over to pick it up.  Lol the baby turned out to be real and he immediately put it back since he was worried of getting in trouble :P  Too bad the police got him...haha

Solo was invited to the police station and bumped into Kay (Sharon Chan).  Seems like they're at odds.  Personally not interested in seeing Sharon, so I won't be talking much about her.

At the firm where Solo, Jazz, Fish and Ming Sir works.  Jazz and Ming Sir are firm partners, they then invited Fish and Solo to join the office.

During their absence, their clients were waiting for them and stirring up some trouble.  haha out of all, I was especially amused by the rich lady (in photo above).  I know I should know her name by now, but I really don't!!!!  Though these kind of roles are not new to her, I always find them entertaining haha.  Especially the part where she scratched on the mirror....*shivers*.

Not only are the lawyers funny to watch, their clients are also something as well haha

While their clients were waiting upstairs, the lawyers were beneath...obviously not wanting to go to work.  Isn't it like that for everybody after the holidays? haha.  At the elevator, it was only Jazz, Ming Sir and Fish waiting at first.  Solo appeared a little bit later and once they saw him, they jumped into the elevator right away and pushed the buttons immediately.  haha it turns out that if Solo's late, he have to pay a fine.  lols

Walking in to meet their clients, they did cat walk or so it seems haha.

Out of all the clients, the rich lady was the most interesting one.  She's always getting divorces and Jazz would always be the one who handles them.  Haha when she's angry, he'd calm her down by playing the guitar :P  What's more?  She's the leader of his fan club (I mentioned he was once a singer right?).  That cracked me up there.

Kay is following Ming Sir's wife, Tina (Joyce Tang) and her children around.  Turns out that they're sisters.  Seems like there's an argument between the two though since Tina denied Kay is her sister in front of the police officer, and even said her sister is dead.

Solo runs into Kay again and afterwards, saw a bump on his car.  First of all, Solo cares deeply for his car, who's name is Island.  The fact that the car's name is Island cracked me up once again.  Haha Solo always say he's an island (isolated from other), so the fact that he named his car that is quite funny.

Since Kay is Ming Sir's sister-in-law, he told Ming Sir about Kay being back (she was not in HK before but is suddenly back).  Lol I laughed as the four of them observed Island's damage.  Solo even told all of them to sit in the car to listen to some music.  When asked why, he said that if they listen more carefully.....Island's hi-fi system is damaged :P  I absolutely loved how dramatic Solo made the situation sounds.

The two enemies came head to head again.  This time while getting into his car, Solo found some salted fish in Island.  Lols he was enraged!


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